LuLu's Restaurant, Destin, Florida
LuLu’s Restaurant, Destin, Florida

I went to LuLu’s, in Destin, Florida last night for a snack, drink and entertainment. I was very impressed with every aspect of my visit.

The facility was open, clean and inviting. There was plenty of room and the service was superb. I ordered a gumbo and forgot to tell the waitress to hold the rice. It arrived quickly and had rice. They could tell I had a problem. I mentioned that I forgot to tell them I didn’t want the rice. They took care of the problem immediately. The gumbo I ate had a rich, deep, dark roux with tender shrimp, juicy chicken and sausage. Honestly, it was hard to remember the last time I had gumbo that good.

I walked around the restaurant and looked closely at all the photos on the walls. I asked our waitress about them. She said that many more were to be replaced – recently removed for an event. I did not know before eating at this place that LuLu is the sister of Jimmy Buffett. Our waitress proceeded to give us a little history of this eatery (open only two years) and her experience with it. She was very proud to be working there after a career working in the ER of a hospital.

Service was quick and accurate. Even though a cold front with heavy thunderstorms, wind, lightning, thunder and rain was bearing down upon us last night, the facility was nearly half full when the live entertainment started.

We arrived about four o’clock and found plenty of parking. I have nothing whatsoever negative to share about my experience eating and drinking at LuLu’s – located at 4607 Legendary Marina Drive, Destin, FL 32541.

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  1. Thanks Red!
    I’m heading down there on 27 Feb for a Joint Service Wiring Action Group Meeting for the week. I’ll make sure I go while I’m there.

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