Records in sports are broken often. However, records with pandemics should not continually be broken.

Over 60% of Americans (nearly 200 million) are fully vaccinated. Over 70% have received at least one dose. Yet, new cases of COVID-19 are rising daily in states that have the highest numbers of fully vaccinated citizens. Why?

New COVID Records What is hiding in plain sight is that many, if not most, of the new cases of COVID-19, are occurring in fully vaccinated people. The protection afforded by mRNA vaccines wanes after six months.

The protection from being fully vaccinated starts around three out of 100,000 in the month or two after administering the second dose. Six months later, the protection falls to around one in 500. The vaccines are not protecting people from becoming infected.

The good news is that many of the fully vaccinated are not showing symptoms and therefore are not being hospitalized. However, being asymptomatic increases the spread of the virus. Infection is spreading asymptomatically from one fully vaccinated person to another. The public is not aware of the dangers of being infected six months after they get the second dose of vaccine.

Booster Shots Nearly 50 million (25% of fully vaccinated Americans) have received booster shots. This extends the infection protection for another six months.

No plans are being bandied about for a fourth shot (second booster). Most booster shots are allocated for the elderly or most vulnerable. Shortly, booster shots will be available for anyone wanting one. But, what happens after the next six months?

The Next Wave The CDC tells us that winter weather and family gatherings are causing the bulk of new coronavirus cases. There was no mention in the original link of this article discussing the falling effectiveness of vaccines to protect against infection.

The Delta variant is still alive and well. The Omicron variant is causing headlines as new cases are found daily worldwide. The silver lining is that the Omicron variant might be more infectious but less virulent than the Delta variant.

Omicron in South Africa The Omicron variant is invading South Africa with the sharpest increase in new cases compared to the three previously recorded surges. However, the daily death rate has not increased over the last five weeks. Deaths usually occur ten days to two weeks after a new case is recorded.

United States COVID Statistics Since the first week of November, the number of new COVID-19 cases has increased from 70,000/day to over 120,000/day. During the last five weeks, the death rate has remained below 1,200/day. Huge increases in new cases with no average increase in daily deaths.


Yes, new cases are increasing. Hospitals are being challenged in some states, ironically in those states with the highest fully vaccinated rates – again, thanks to the waning protection of mRNA vaccines. The Delta variant is more virulent and deadly than the Omicron variant.

Over 50 million Americans have been infected with coronavirus and have naturally acquired immunity. One would think that 200 million fully vaccinated and 50 million with naturally acquired immunity would stop the spread of the virus because of herd immunity. But, alas, that is not happening.

Yes, the unvaccinated are contributing to the spread of the disease. However, they survived nineteen months without catching the virus. Yet, the fully vaccinated are now part of the problem, and we are not being told to take extra protections because of vaccine failure. The fully vaccinated believe they are immune from infection and are living pre-pandemic lives without personal safety restrictions.
Recently, a party was held in Baltimore with thirteen fully vaccinated epidemiologists.

Unfortunately, eleven of the thirteen became infected. Tracing the infection, it was discovered that the host, the head epidemiologist, was responsible for infecting his staff. Who would have thought? While researching this article, I noticed that extra attention was given to the number of unvaccinated versus the vaccinated, especially regarding infections, hospitalizations, and deaths.

However, the statistic that stood out blatantly is that the death rate per 100,000 people is nearly the same for the unvaccinated and the fully vaccinated over the last two weeks of November. We are told that the mRNA vaccines protect people from hospitalization and death.

But it now appears that the mRNA vaccines are waning in the hospitalization and death protection levels at roughly eight months after the second dose was administered. People must know what is happening to adjust their lifestyles to reduce potential infections.

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