Time now to rock and roll a new you in 2017.
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I did some research into the term ‘rock and roll’. It’s meant a few things from ‘dancing and having sex’ to today’s meaning of ‘getting started’. Why wait till January 1st of next year to begin?

It takes 21-30 days to make a long-lasting change, according to Dr. Maxwell Maltz. He was a pioneer in the field of psycho-cybernetics. In fact, that was the name of his 1950-book on this topic.

As a well-known cosmetic surgeon in the post-WWII world era, he noticed that the success of terrible facial scars that were corrected perfectly did not satisfy everyone. Some continued to see the scars where they had been erased and corrected. It took around 21-30 days for the vast majority of his patients to see and believe the results of his surgeries.

If it takes us around 30 days to see and believe a change in our lives, then why should we wait till the first of a new year to begin that change. We want to (or should be) enjoying that change on Day 1. December 1st is nearly upon us. There are many things we can do to change our personal health and wellness.

Allow me to explore options and alternatives that can be incorporated into your life now, so that you can truly enjoy 2017. Some will sound easy and some much harder.

Use a salad plate for your normal dinner plate. Pay attention to the portions you choose. Portion control is critical to good health. Vary the foods you eat. If you are on any medications at all, please consult a physician before changing your diet or embarking on any exercise program.

Drink more water (filtered, of course) and drink moderately for alcoholic beverages. Drink a glass of water between every alcoholic drink to help offset the number of drinks you have.  It also prevents a bit of the dehydration effect of the booze.

I’ll continue this theme for the next several days. Some things are easier to change than others. But, seriously consider the rewards if you make and keep the changes that result in better personal health and wellness.

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