Technology can help or hurt productivity
kellepics / Pixabay – Technology can help or hurt productivity

I was thinking the other day about how things have changed because of technological improvements.  I was a fortunate kid because we had a television in our home in the early 50’s (yes that dates me a bit).  In order to enjoy color on our black and white set, my Dad placed a plastic screen over the television screen. The top was blue the bottom was green and the middle was yellow.  It enhanced a lot of shows back then, especially the westerns.

Dick Tracy was my favorite character in the Sunday comic section.  I remember him having a watch with a radio/telephone/television on it.  One of those things I thought I would never see – something only in the comic book environment.  As thrilling as the landing on the moon was to me – I was in boot camp. Our Drill Instructor got all of us up to watch the actual landing – the technology didn’t impress me – it was expected.  What did impress me was the America’s Cup Races in Perth, Australia in 1987.  I could watch live coverage around the world – from the boats.

Computer processing has grown and continues to expand at unbelievable rates. We have options for learning – reading a book, listening to an audio cassette/CD, watching a DVD or YouTube, attending a webinar, or going to a conference.  None of them guaranteed you prosperity or success, but they did provide a level of personal development that our parents didn’t have thirty plus years ago.

The cost and access to the tools for personal development is literally free.are astounding.  Access is generally not a problem. Everything is literally at your fingertips. However, success and personal growth requires that you to take action.

The fact that so much stuff is available so easily makes it more difficult for some people.  They are overwhelmed with data.  I get that way every so often. I learn something new. Before I can incorporate what I learned there is another something new. A month later it is updated or enhanced.

I attend webinars regularly. In fact, I hosted my first webinar tonight. I’ve watched hundreds of videos on self-improvement. I learn how to use the tools that are available and try to become proficient using them. A couple of years ago, I recorded dozens of videos and posted them on Facebook – just to make myself comfortable with that technology. I am still learning how to use technology personally to grow and how to take advantage of the best technology tools for my business.

One of the things I do annually is to reassess what meetings I get the most value out of and cut the rest. I do the same with the e-mails I subscribe to.  I have to do the same thing with the gurus I follow. New experts show up over night with new things to learn. Technology is changing that fast. There is less and less time to fully absorb what I have learned and begin using it effectively. We get overloaded with data and can’t figure out where to start.

I’ve had a business for a few years and have learned this and that about how to make money and grow. A few months ago I attended a junior college class one-day class for beginning entrepreneurs. I attended another the next week. Within a month I had attended four or five of them. I was amazed at what I didn’t know about the rudimentary aspects of owning and running a business for profit.

Technology provides easier access to information.  You have to decide what you want; and, more importantly, how and when you are going to use it.  Think about what you need to do to improve in your life – your own personal development plan. However, be wary of accepting a core dump of data into your limited life. A few hours this week and again next week puts you further and further behind achieving your goals.

Technology helps because so many inexpensive things are available at our beck and call.  Technology hinders us because it overpowers us to a point that we defer to taking little or no action.  You have to take action to prove the knowledge you learned is of value to you.



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