Preventing and reversing cancer is probably possible.

Preventing cancer is easier than reversing it. Once cancer has taken root in our bodies, the ability to get rid of it without surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation is low. But what options might we have?

I have asked several doctors (my wife’s oncologist being one of them) about the causes of cancer. I generally get the same answer – “Do not know.” My research shows that cancers are generally caused by several factors – stress, toxins, radiation, inflammation, infection, diet, and even expectation.

We also know that cancer was barely in the top ten causes of death over one-hundred years ago. Since then, cancer is up near the top of the list. Why? One reason is that we are living longer. Another is that radiation and toxins are far greater in number than at the turn of the 20th century.

The other factors – stress, inflammation, infection, and expectations probably have not changed much in over one-hundred years. That leaves the primary influencers of cancers to be radiation and toxins with help from the other factors. Most cancers are probably caused by multiple causes.

Radiation has increased exponentially with cellular communications, Wi-Fi, electronic equipment, and more. It is the intensity and duration of radiation that are of most concern for radiation to be a potential instigator of DNA mutation.

How many of us use a cell phone multiple times daily to check emails, the Internet, and more? How many of us hold the cell phone to our ears to talk? How many hours are spent sitting in front of a computer monitor? How many electronic devices are connected by plugs within feet of your office, your living room, or your bedroom?

There are fewer safe places today to live our lives. Awareness is the first line of defense. Unless the ‘on’ switch is activated, electronic equipment is generally safe. I just counted twelve pieces of equipment plugged in or controlled by a switch (light switch for the fan/overhead light).

My cell phone has a charger that I use once or twice daily that is inactive unless it is charging less than two feet from me. My two digital clocks are always active. My backup computer is dormant, but on.

My printer is on, but off till I tap a switch to activate it. I have a camera and a microphone for Zoom meetings. This does not include the electromagnetic induction or force (EMF) that is actively on anytime electricity is flowing through the circuit, which is most of the time. I am living in a radiation-enhanced world that was unknown to my grandfather. Unplugging some reduces the intensity and duration of my exposure.

What about toxins? They are in our foods and personal care products? Read labels and understand what the food or product contains. Avoid those with serious chemical liability.

I buy organic as much as possible. However, even if I buy organic sugar, or other organic carbohydrate-laden food, the risk of cancer increases without the toxins. It is the increase in blood sugar that becomes the problem. It is a problem for cancer, diabetes, dementia, and more.

I read an article this week by GreenMedInfo reporting that sugar can cause cancer. That is right – sugar, by itself. Like radiation, it is the intensity and duration of sugar that causes the problem.

Americans average 160 pounds of sugar in their diet annually. They average over 200 pounds of grains in their daily meals over the course of a year. That is much more than most of us weigh – and we are doing it year after year!

Fast food and most restaurants do not buy organic. Hospitals are probably one of the worst places to ever be a guest at – nearly intimate closeness to those with all sorts of undiagnosed diseases, surgery, stress, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, prescription drugs, and food provided that is intended to give you comfort rather than nutrition.

Tumors prefer our bodies to use sugar fermentation to produce energy. The Journal of Clinical Investigation released an article titled Increased sugar uptake promotes oncogenesis via EPAC/RAPI and O-GlcNAc pathways.

It is an interesting article explaining the relationship of sugar to cancer. Their conclusion is that “increased glycolytic (sugar-based metabolism) is frequently viewed as a consequence of oncogenic events that drive malignant cell growth and survival.” Remove the sugar metabolism and make it more difficult for cancer to survive!

We can control our lifestyle which includes the foods we eat. If the media reported tomorrow that a major story revealed that carrots caused cancer and they had tons of back-up material to support it, you would probably mark carrots off the list of foods to buy or eat.

Yet, sugars and grains are known to cause serious medical issues and we rely on them for the comfort and solace they provide. Why not cut back significantly on the sugar and grain products in your meals? Once a week to splurge is within moderation. Three times daily is not!

Live Longer & Enjoy Life! – Red O’Laughlin –


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  1. Hello! thank you for such a great article. Your article is really helpful for those who are fighting the cancer. One should never lose hope. Keep posting more related blog and keep inspiring. Have a nice day

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