Face masks are required when stated by a business or local authorities.

No shirt, no shoes, no service signs are found on business doors and windows. They restrict shoppers to those wearing shirts and shoes. What about restricting service only to those with masks? What about the local (county and/or city) restrictions to wearing a mask when entering businesses? Are there exceptions?

Face Mask Exemption Cards are being shown to business owners. It implies that the holder of the card has a medical condition that exempts that person from wearing a mask because their medical condition is covered by the Americans Disabilities Act (ADA).

The Face Mask Exemption Cards are FAKE – FAKE – FAKE!!!!

They may look real. They may have official-sounding words and agency names, but they are FAKE!
The Department of Justice (DOJ) has made it clear that the ADA does not issue Face Mask Exemption Cards. The ADA has a specific clause that states the health and safety of others is paramount. There is no exemption for COVID-19.

We are responsible for our own health and safety with regard to COVID-19. When required, face mask, social distance, hand washing, and more may be necessary to minimize our risk of catching (of giving) the virus to others.

The United States Constitution does not guarantee people the right to shop in any business that establishes its own regulations for shoppers – like, No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service!

Many businesses are regulated and hold licenses. These licenses can be revoked, and the owners fined when not in compliance with laws covering their businesses, particularly when health and safety are concerned.

Yes, face masks can be an inconvenience. No, it is not denying you any freedom. If you do not want to wear a mask within the boundaries of any business, then do not shop there. Shop online instead.

Live Longer & Enjoy Life! – Red O’Laughlin – RedOLaughlin.com


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