The yellow fever vaccine might be one of the better COVID-19 vaccines.

This pandemic has caused upheavals in the process of developing drugs to counter the coronavirus. Vaccines have been developed in record time. Old drugs are being studied because they demonstrated a way to stop some aspect of the transmission or replication of the virus.

In a headline today, I noticed an option. This is an existing vaccine, one that I have had before for trips overseas, that can be modified to effectively resist the infection of COVID-19.

Yellow Fever Vaccine Using drugs that have already passed CDC scrutiny give them an advantage over newly developed medicines. The YF17D (almost sounds like an experimental jet fighter), is the designation of the standard yellow fever vaccine. It is an attenuated live strain of yellow fever.

The yellow fever virus becomes a vector to transfer genetic coding from the modified yellow fever vaccine to the human body. The body’s immune response creates an immunity directly created for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The Modification Virologists at KU Leuven Rega Institute for Medical Research, a research institution in Leuven, Belgium, use the yellow fever virus as a vector to transfer genetic bits of information preformed from the COVID-19 virus to the host. The targeted immune response enables the host to have fast immunity.

The fragments of code are based on the spike protein structure. When a coronavirus with a specific spike alignment of proteins tries to transfer the viral components to the human body, our bodies recognize it immediately and protect us.

This genetic modification has been used to develop immune responses for Zika, Ebola, and rabies. This type of vaccine does not need two doses as the current field of vaccines requires. A single dose is enough to provide the required immune response.

Animal tests show amazing results protecting the vaccinated animals from contracting COVID-19.

Miscellaneous Clinical studies are planned to begin in 2021 under the name RegaVax. The virus has several advantages. One is the storage temperature is above freezing. This opens many parts of the world to having access to this vaccine.

The Yellow Fever vaccine offers lifetime protection. People have immunity who received this vaccine 60 years ago. Over 500 million people have already had the yellow fever vaccine. The coronavirus is not going away. This vaccine is specifically targeting the coronavirus spike protein structure and will provide future protection against new outbreaks.

On a negative note, the vaccine is not recommended for those over the age of 60 or with weakened immunity. It is hoped that human clinical trials will determine age and other concerns.
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I am not enthralled with genetic modifications to RNA strands as seen in current COVID-19. Genetic modification alters our human DNA, as I understand it, and these changes are permanent. This vaccine uses a live virus and does not genetically modify human DNA.

I would give serious consideration to this vaccine when I review the results of clinical trials. I am opposed to the current list of vaccines and will not take any of them. As someone asked me the other day, what is the risk of not getting a COVID-19 vaccine? My answer was, probably a 99% chance of survival.

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