Nurse’s personal experience with coronavirus vaccine

We hear about the clinical trials for the various vaccines being developed for coronavirus. We rarely hear from a participant from those studies. Additionally, we rarely hear how bad the symptoms can be.

A nurse researcher published her personal experiences as part of the Phase III trials for one of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Symptoms Symptoms are different for each one of us. It has been on display throughout the pandemic. Some people walk around and are oblivious to having the virus. Others spend days or weeks in bed agonizing with various symptoms.

This nurse made it through the first dose without problems. However, the second dose got her attention. Her fever spiked to almost 105 degrees F. She had immediate pain at the injection site on her arm. Quickly, she felt “light-headed, chilled, nauseous, and had a splitting headache.” She went to bed and awoke with a high fever. The next day the symptoms were gone except for a sore bump on her arm.

What to Expect During Phase I of the COVID-19 vaccination clinical trials, the participants ranged from 18 to 55 years of age. Fatigue was present in 75%, headaches in 67%, chills in 33%, muscle pain in 25%, and joint pain in 17%. The symptoms were transient and gone within a couple of days.

This nurse’s concern was that we hear about symptoms associated with COVID-19, but not about the symptoms expected from the vaccine. Unless a person from a study steps forward to share his or her perspective, this knowledge is kept hidden. She pointed out that disclosure forms are not a good way to spread the word about how good or how bad things can be.

She stated that she would do it again knowing what she knows now.

Miscellaneous Any person getting a vaccine should have a contact number in case things appear abnormal. Do not leave a hospital or doctor’s office without having a 24/7 hotline number to address your condition.

Extreme side effects will occur with a percentage of people getting the vaccine. The scientists’ best guess is up to 15% might have serious to extreme reactions. The reactions are normal. Our bodies respond according to the threat posed. That is what our immune systems do.

We are told that most of the symptoms are gone in 36 hours. I am sure there will be a few people suffering more than 48 hours because it is hard to determine a range with thousands to millions of people getting the vaccination.


It is better to be forewarned than to believe it is a simple vaccination and everything is OK. If I knew that my fever would spike with headaches, chills, muscle pains, etc., then I know that my body is responding accordingly. If I did not know if advance it could be that bad, I would be extremely worried.

I remember getting the series of anthrax shots when I was in the military. The doctors did not tell me, but I found out from others having had the shots that after the second shot, things would happen. And they did. I knew that what was happening was something everyone else experienced, not something unusual or abnormal.

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