Another coronavirus vaccine is about to hit the streets!

Johnson and Johnson announced its single-shot coronavirus vaccine status today. Moderna and Pfizer have FDA’s emergency use authorization for its vaccines now in use in the United States. J&J would become the third vaccine available to the public, but when?

J&J Testing Status Safety data released today for J&J’s coronavirus vaccine reveal 72% effectiveness in the United States. Nearly 44,000 people participated in the studies. The vaccine prevented two out of three patients with COVID-19 from having severe symptoms.

Unlike the other emergency use vaccines, J&J’s vaccine is a single shot. The overall effectiveness of 85% after 28 days when assessing protection against severe symptoms and death from COVID-19.

J&J Vaccine Availability–johnsons-vaccine-updates-when-will-the-shot-be-available-for-use/?sh=4951626161ff J&J reports that it takes another week or two to complete its vaccine paperwork to submit for approval. The FDA expects to approve it within two to three weeks. If all goes according to plan, the vaccine could be available to the public in about 30 days. I would expect the vaccine should be delivered to the public by the end of March 2021.

J&J Vaccine Rollout J&J has pending orders for hundreds of millions of doses of its COVID-19 vaccine. This one-dose vaccine makes it highly desirable for global distribution. The J&J vaccine does not require extreme cold storage as Pfizer’s vaccine requires.

Additionally, the doses shipped do not involve dilution as Pfizer’s and Moderna’s vaccine need.
J&J vaccine manufacturing facilities can handle up to one billion doses per year. The United States has contracts for one hundred million doses. J&J has contracts to deliver 200 million dosages to Europe and another 100 million to developing countries.


Coronavirus vaccines are rolling off the manufacturing lines. There were some distribution issues in the initial rollouts that should not have happened. It seems to me that each state sets its requirements

for distribution priorities. Poor logistics planning may be part of the confusion during the first two months of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

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