Accidents can happen.
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Seems like every day we are hearing about health care and getting it confused with health insurance. Think back to the late 1990’s. It wasn’t that difficult. It was almost as easy as buying insurance for your car or home. It should be easier.

Insurance is insurance. You have a problem, just like a car wreck, and you get it treated. Your risk should be evaluated accordingly. Early in my Naval Aviation career, my insurance cost a lot more because I was in a flying job. The risks are higher for injury and death. If I am in the military or a first responder who is risking my life because of the environment I am in, there my rates should be higher. If I am a school teacher, then I should expect lower rates.

Moreover, like car or home insurance, you should pay for the way you take care of your home or car – the number of miles per year, the fire or alarm system, etc. If you have several healthy annual physicals in a row (like not having an accident for several years), then your health insurance premiums should be lower. Reward those who are taking care of themselves.

Health care is not insurance. I don’t know why they get it confused. Maybe I do – it’s about control in a sense. Governments want to be in control. But, why does a government need to get involved in your purchase of insurance coverage for your lifestyle?

We know that eating sensibly, exercising, reducing stress, eliminating toxins and getting good quality sleep reduces the risk of many diseases. Yet, we choose not to do any or all those things. If we choose to not take care of our health, then we should pay more. Evidence of good care is easy to obtain.

Yes, there are pre-existing conditions. Yet, many pre-existing conditions can be treated effectively to let people live normal lives. You might have additional costs for prescription medicines or some type of daily therapy. It is the cost of life. Someone runs into your car and you are in the hospital for six months and another two years in therapy and periodic corrective surgery. Yes, that is life and that is what insurance is for – the unexpected calamity that might befall us. However, normal health is easy to achieve and easier to maintain.

We don’t put a price on preventive medicine to achieve and maintain superior health. But, we should.

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