A healthy fear of needles, or maybe even a phobia?

Stress affects all of us. Some deal with it quickly. Others have difficulties. Could the anticipation of the vaccine or virus cause a stress reaction that escalates during the inoculation process and manifests itself immediately after that?

Some medical researchers think it may explain the variety of side effects experienced by so many different people.

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Side Effects

https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/johnsonandjohnson-vaccine-cdc/2021/04/30/id/1019706/. The CDC released a report late last week indicating that several dozen anxiety-related events were observed at five large vaccination locations across the United States.

The report explained that these side effects were common and have been seen many times in the past. Why has the public not been informed of this before now?

Side Effects

https://vaccine-safety-training.org/immunization-anxiety-related-reactions.html. The main side effects observed during COVID-19 vaccinations are fainting, dizziness, racing heartbeat, chest pain, and hyperventilation. There can be vomiting and convulsions, but they are rare. Medical authorities do not like to call these events side effects. ‘Coincidental events’ is the term preferred.

The vaccine does not cause the event, but the person does. Deaths have been reported within a day of vaccination and not attributed to the vaccine. How does one know that the vaccine is not the cause? Coincidence? (https://www.newsweek.com/covid-vaccine-deaths-cause-pfizer-moderna-fact-check-966-died-1574447).

Stress Kills

https://www.slma.cc/the-science-of-stress/#:~:text=The%20American%20Institute%20of%20Stress,of%20%24190%20billion%20a%20year. The CDC reports over 100,000 deaths directly attributed to stress each year. Stress is the genesis of over 90% of doctors’ visits. Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, anxiety disorder, and more are frequently caused by stress. https://disturbmenot.co/stress-statistics/

Stress kills, yet the anxiety anticipation of getting a vaccination contributes to side effects and possibly death, yet the vaccine did not cause it. Yes, the vaccine’s mRNA or viral vector mechanism may not cause death, but the vaccination event did cause death. Difficult to separate!

Anxiety the Culprit?

https://www.calmclinic.com/anxiety/symptoms/hysteria. People have emotional reactions to things. My wife does not like needles. A simple blood test causes her stress and anxiety before, during, and immediately after a needle injection.

Hysteria is not a recognizable medical diagnosis and occurs when your emotional state is overwhelmed. The perception is real for these people. The actual situation may not affect others, but it intensely affects those with a professed emotional attachment.

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) can trigger hysteria. It can feel like you are having a heart attack because your body responds to the emotional overload. These kinds of situations are usually called panic attacks or panic disorders.

A related disease to a panic attack is a phobia. Irrational fear brings on a hysterical response. Some of the side effects seen in vaccination centers can easily be phobia to needles. When you have had previous side effects to needles (or any other situation), and that event is repeated, expect similar results again.

Tell the medical team vaccinating you that you have had reactions in the past and ask them to keep an eye on you. The side effects that you have had before will most likely be manifested again.


People respond to stimuli, whether real or perceived. Psychological stress and the resulting side effects are real. It does not mean you will die, but you may feel like it for a short time.

The side effects of the vaccination may not be caused by the biological interaction of the vaccine with your body. Still, the manifestation of side effects from stress and anxiety are absolutely connected. I find it strange that few side effects were observed during clinical trials. Maybe people without fear of needles volunteered?

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  1. Actually, Red, lesson here: This has been well-covered in media. Today’s Houston Chronicle has EXCELLENT articles making the exact same points by qualified physicians that you have.
    If you do not read a major local newspaper and are suspicious of traditional media to the point of ignoring it, you miss the coverage and make assumptions about lack of coverage. Yes, stress has been shown to be a BIG factor. The mRNA vaccines have NOT. You definitely have corroborating information out there that backs up your points!

    1. Thanks, Roy. I always appreciate your comments. I read a lot of articles from newspapers and other sources. I almost always include the links to provide backup to the data I am analyzing. In the pandemic world, medical misinformation appears to be a reason why some articles are not published. Who determines what is or is not medical misinformation? And, what is freedom of speech and not? Regardless, thanks for taking the time to voice a comment. It is always welcome. RED

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