Something is rotten (not right in this case), and it is not in the state of Denmark!

Israel started a massive COVID-19 vaccination roll-out at the end of 2020 using Pfizer-BioNTech’s mRNA vaccine (BNT 162b2 – tozinameran). This two-shot regimen was planned for completion within 21 days.

Over ten million doses were dispensed within four months. Two months ago, over half of the nine-plus million people living in Israel had received the vaccine, and nearly ninety percent of those over 50 years of age had received both doses.,21%2Dday%20interval%20between%20doses.

This past week, new cases of COVID-19 started rocketing upward. What is going on? Historically, Israel’s recent cases and daily deaths spiked like other countries. At the end of summer 2020, a surge in new cases rose to over 10,000 at the highest point, then dropped below a thousand/day by Thanksgiving.

The winter surge started in mid-December, and within two months, the daily totals of COVID-19 new cases rose to the 8,000-9,000 range. Daily deaths from the September surge held at or below 50 per day and then averaged below twenty until the winter surge. For six weeks, daily deaths averaged over 50/day, and one day exceeded 100.

The vaccine program started in December 2020, and daily deaths dropped to single digits by April 2021. In addition, new cases of COVID-19 fell to below 300/day and then to below 100/day by the end of April 2021.

New Surge The Delta variant is being blamed on the latest surge (mini-surge, actually). Around 70% of the new cases are being blamed on that variant. The highest one-day total of 125 new cases was reported last week. The number of new cases had been below that figure for the past two months, and many days had been in single digits.

Vaccinated People Infected!!! Nine fully vaccinated teachers contracted coronavirus last week. Three members of the military, also fully vaccinated, fell to the virus. Nearly 50,000 COVID-19 tests were administered one day this past week with an infection rate of 0.3 percent. Almost one-third of new cases of coronavirus are being found in fully vaccinated people!

Post Vaccination With more than half of Israel’s population fully vaccinated, the government reduced the restrictions and opened the economy. International travelers are being quarantined.

No one can explain the high percentage of vaccinated citizens becoming infected with the virus. But, unfortunately, everything has happened so quickly that it will take a while longer to determine the cause and proper action needed to regain control.


Over 800,000 Israeli citizens survived coronavirus with 0.8% deaths. Currently, there are over 700 COVID-19 mild cases being treated by quarantine and 27 people hospitalized.

I remember reading recently that the Pfizer vaccine was around 95% effective in stopping the Delta variant. However, one-third of over a hundred new cases are people who were fully vaccinated. That does not sound right! Where does the vaccine afford the protection? Is this a new variant, or is it a case of not getting to 70% vaccinated before opening the country? Time will tell.

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