India is incrementally gaining ground against COVID-19.

I saw a FB post today about the COVID-19 pandemic in India. I had not thought about how they are combatting this virus until today. Indian has a population of just under 1.4 billion people, second only to China with one hundred million more people. The COVID-19 pandemic in India appears to be two to four weeks behind the United States.

The worldwide COVID-19 statistics show 8.75 million cases with 460K deaths and 4.6 million recoveries. 99% of the current 3.6 million active cases are listed as mild – no hospitalization required. Almost 55K active cases require hospitalization. Deaths attributed to COVID-19 are around 5.6% worldwide according to

Less than one half of one percent, nearly 6.5 million people, have been tested to date. Most other larger countries in the world are around 10% of their population tested. Daily testing for COVID-19 has increased by 30% in the last weeks.

There are just under 400,000 total cases to date with 168,636 of those cases active. Almost 9,000 are serious and require hospitalization. In most countries, those mild cases of COVID-19 are treated by self-quarantine in their homes. Statistics vary for numbers hospitalized, numbers requiring ICU, and numbers of deaths.

India’s daily new case rate is increasing incrementally. The daily death rate is decreasing incrementally and will soon be level. There was a spike of 2000 deaths on a single day recently. Overall, the number of daily COVID-19 deaths are between 350 and 400.

India appears to be a few weeks or a month behind most other countries in its progress to contain and treat COVID-19. Many other countries have succeeded, and I expect that India will continue to make exceptional progress in containing and effectively treating this pandemic.

CDC statistics in the United States through the end of May 2020 show that 14% of all COVID-19 people were hospitalized. 14% of those required ICU attention. The death rate through the end of May in the United States was at 5%. That death rate is inflated due to over half of them coming from nursing and related facilities that did not provide adequate protection.

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  1. From Jason Westin, MD at MD Anderson Hospital and Cancer Center:

    The number of new cases of Texans infected with COVID is worse than ever this week, and rising fast.

    Some claim this is because of more testing. This is wrong.

    The number newly admitted to Houston hospitals for COVID has set all time records for 4 of the last 5 days, only the sickest are admitted – most people stay home to recover.

    The percentage of positive tests is rising rapidly too. The greater the percentage +, the more cases out there undetected.

    Mask up. Stay home.

    1. Thanks, Roy! I always enjoy your comments. Did Jason Westin, MD comment on the number of deaths? I believe that more testing is catching more cases. How would you know there are new cases without testing. Most likely by allowing people with symptoms to show up at the hospitals or their doctor’s offices for diagnosis. I have two good friends who believe they had COVID-19 and tested negative for it. How do we know without testing? Regardless, Lessening self-quarantine and people congregating without masks can increase the numbers. If 98+% are treated at home, I consider that a win-win situation as long as the most vulnerable are protected from the infected! The most vulnerable do not have to be over 60 years of age! Self-care in this COVID-19 pandemic world is mandatory – take care and protect yourself first!

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