New COVID-19 cases in Virginia does not mean there is a health problem.

I am seeing headlines, like one today (May 25, 2020) from The Washington Post, “Virginia reports a record number of new cases.” Should I be concerned? Increased testing usually means more new cases found but it does not mean it is a problem.

There were 1,483 new cases of COVID-19 Monday which was higher than the previous record of 1,229 new cases four days ago. At the same time ‘new cases’ of COVID-19 are increasing, several counties report 14 days of declines in the percentage of positive tests and hospitalization. Testing and hospital bed capacity are continuing to increase.

Over the weekend, Virginia administered more than 10,000 tests. Monday, over 14,000 new tests were conducted. More testing is great! I am super-glad to see it. I hope it continues. People who have the virus without symptoms are just numbers. Hospitalizations are declining! That should be the headline. Hospital capacity is increasing.

Maryland reported 839 new cases with hospitalizations in decline. 1,279 Marylanders are hospitalized which represents a 25% reduction since the beginning of May. Most of the deaths in both Maryland and Virginia continue to be in the age group above 60 years of age.

I believe that we need more testing. We will see an increased number of new cases of COVID-19. If we do not see increased hospitalizations and increased deaths, what is the concern?

A person without symptoms infects another person and that person also infects another person. All or most asymptomatic means that herd immunity is increasing which spells the end of many of the restrictions.

Does it mean the end of COVID-19 or any future mutations? NO! Does it mean that we will probably see this virus return in the winter? Most likely! If herd immunity continues to increase, there will be fewer new cases as the COVID-19 flu season ramps up again. We must still protect the most vulnerable and high-risk citizens.

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