Increasing the number of layers to your mask greatly increases the effectiveness.

Face masks reduce the risk but do not prevent the risk of contracting the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes COVID-19. Most of us can improve the effectiveness of our masks easily.

A study published recently in the journal Thorax states that a single layer mask is not protective for all situations. Increase the number of layers and you increase your level of protection.

Some of us made facial masks from bandanas and other clothing materials. A single-layer mask meets the minimum legal requirements to enter stores with facial mask requirements. However, if you want more protection, add an additional layer.

I have a facial mask that I use in public when I shop, get gas, etc. I am in and out in a relatively short time. However, if I must be inside a facility with other people for more than a short time (ten-fifteen minutes), I choose to wear a bandana because I can breathe easier. A bandana reduces my total protection and I must rely on social distancing to maintain protection. published a report about silk being a better material for protection than cotton. Cotton can be tightly or loosely woven and can trap moisture. Silk breathes better, is thinner than cotton and polyester, and dries more quickly. It is washable and is water repellent.

I keep my manufactured facial mask on the dashboard of my car. I average driving about once a week. It sits in the south Texas sun and is baked and sterilized daily. I also have three or four other types of masks in the car to use when I need to. I keep another mask next to my wallet in those rare cases I ride with my daughter or a neighbor.

Next week I have a doctor’s appointment. Based on my latest research, I will wear two masks – my basic manufactured facial mask and another store-bought one. Hospitals and doctors’ offices are two high-risk places to catch any disease, not just COVID-19

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