Some scientists want to open the window and let volunteers become reinfected with the virus.

Imagine surviving the pandemic virus and then asked to be reinfected a second time so that scientists can study your symptoms. It is happening.

We know of a few, very few, people who became infected a second time by accident. However, this is a planned study by the University of Oxford.

Human Challenge People become infected, they may or may not have symptoms, and they recover. Why is it essential to reinfect a few for science’s sake?

We are told that medical researchers do not know enough about the reinfection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and a controlled study will help understand the process. It is hoped that this will lead to better methods of viral detection, vaccine development, and future treatments.

The Study Phase 1 starts this month with the selection of 64 healthy volunteers between the ages of 18 and 30. All volunteers must have had COVID-19 previously and recovered completely.

Twenty-four volunteers will have shots of the original COVID-19 virus at increasing amounts. The purpose is to find the proper dosage that induces a viral infection. The remaining 40 volunteers will then be injected with the virus at that dosage. All participants will be quarantined in a special hospital ward for seventeen days.

The second phase will begin in the summer. Data from the first phase will help scientists understand how our bodies respond to the reinfection of the coronavirus. The immune systems of each volunteer will be studied in detail to form the framework for future testing.

Treatment A full range of medical tests will be employed to study the infection paths in our bodies and our natural immune responses. CT lung imaging, MRI heart scans, and other diagnostic tests will tract the virus and infection responses.

Monoclonal antibodies will be given to those exhibiting symptoms. Safety is a primary concern, and no volunteer will be released who is still infectious. Follow-up examinations will be performed for a year on each person.


The pandemic hit quickly and overwhelmed everyone. This scientific study wants to know a better way to treat this virus and future viruses. Understanding how our bodies respond to viral infections is critical for future treatment.

However, everyone is healthy in this test. I would not want to subject a person with a challenged immune system to the terrible ordeal of having to experience COVID-19 again. But a person with a challenged immune system is more likely to become infected a second time.

I would want to know how various levels of vitamin D3, zinc, and other natural anti-viral options protect at a reinfection dose level. Why not also understand what other effective options people have and quantitatively know how each or a combination can protect us from COVID-19. There are many people who do not want vaccinations.

I am confident that more questions will arise as the testing and results are derived.

Live Longer & Enjoy Life! – Red O’Laughlin –



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