Pyramids are one of a few things that appear permanent in our world.

We know that death and taxes are permanent parts of our lives. Change appears inevitable everywhere else. What seemed like permanent today is not tomorrow.

For example, we were led to believe that COVID-19 vaccines were permanent – 95+% effective in protecting everyone from becoming infected with the pandemic virus. Even if you become infected, the odds of you ending up in a hospital or dying from the virus are extremely low. Is that true a year later?

No, it is very far from the truth, and the truth is not setting anyone free. Most people do not realize that COVID-19 vaccines have a shelf life of around six months. They are very effective for two months, and then the protection begins to wane – significantly. Israel will not let anyone enter their country unless they prove they had an immunization within the past six months – even those with naturally acquired immunity.

What is the Real Skinny on Permanent Protection? The National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) in Ireland published data recently stating that naturally acquired immunity from coronavirus is permanent – something totally foreign to what we hear and see daily.

The NPHET said that those infected and recovered from COVID-19 have a robust and long-lasting immunity from future infections – somewhere in the zero to one percent range.
This makes sense because of our history of post-recovery immunity from nearly every other disease.

We catch chickenpox or other childhood diseases, and our doctors have told us that we have natural protection for the rest of our lives. When vaccines were given, there might be a time (years in most cases) when a booster shot is needed to renew the protection. That is what our history of disease and survival has taught us.

Immunity Memory The July 2020 edition of the scientific journal, Cell, published data showing that our body’s immune memory for the SARS-CoV-2 virus is broad and durable. Months after recovery from coronavirus, our antibody response persists with memory B and T cells.

Over 250 COVID-19 patients were examined eight months after recovery. The SARS-CoV-2 spike binding and neutralizing antibodies showed an extended half-life greater than 200 days. This means that the plasma contains the necessary immune response needed for long-term protection.

Additionally, the spike-specific IgC+ memory B cells were persistent and provided rapid responses to counter new infections. Virus-specific T cells (CD4 and CD8) were fully functional and had a half-life greater than 200 days. The CD4 T cells target the spike protein, and the CD8 T cells target the nucleoprotein providing greater protection than a vaccine targeting specific sections of the spike protein structure.

Overall, the expectation is that naturally-acquired immunity from COVID-19 is effective, persistent, and long-lasting in people who have recovered from the pandemic virus.

Reinfection Expectations The United Kingdom medical journal, Lancet, recently reported that reinfection from COVID-19 is in the zero to one percent range based on their studies. This is a bit counter to a recent report from Israel that stated those never infected with COVID-19 and vaccinated were far better protected than those who recovered from the pandemic virus and had naturally acquired immunity only.

How Can That Be? The peer-reviewed publisher of Science (Science, Technology, and Medicine) reported a few months ago that natural immunity from the SARS-CoV-2 virus is considerably more compared to the available COVID-19 vaccines.

Naturally acquired immunity is the highest level of protection against the Delta variant as studied at that time. The power of the human immune system against infectious disease is highly protective. More than 32,000 were assessed in the review of this study.

The risk of developing symptomatic COVID-19 was 27 times higher in the vaccinated group compared to the natural immunity group. In addition, hospitalizations for COVID-19 among the vaccinated were eight times higher than in the natural immunity group.

Natural Immunity is Permanent Professor Philip Nolan is the Chair of NPHHET’s Irish Epidemiological Modelling Advisory Group. He states unequivocally that infection-induced immunity is permanent. His tweet link above shows several slides of his models.

Ireland, like Israel, is one of the most vaccinated countries in the world ( and

Yet, lower infection rates are being observed today in areas with previously high records of infections. The rationale is that naturally-acquired immunity from previous infections keeps the spread of the Omicron variant at bay.

Unfortunately, it appears in many countries the areas with low infection rates are now experiencing higher infection rates with the Omicron variant.

Natural immunity will continue to grow as new unvaccinated and fully vaccinated people contract the virus. One of my recent articles ( described how 100% of COVID-19 deaths in a week recently were breakthrough cases of fully vaccinated people. Breakthrough hospitalizations are increasing everywhere.


Follow the MONEY! No one can make money if everyone has naturally acquired immunity. Therefore, more vaccines and booster shots are not required. Is this true? I do not know. However, it seems true to me.

It seems intuitively obvious that naturally acquired immunity should be effective, durable, and persistent. So why would our body’s immune system decide that it will work differently with the SARS-CoV-2 virus?

Are the researchers and facilities better in Europe than in the United States? Is that why we see articles published like those I referenced today. If the information is available, peer-reviewed, accurate, and pertinent to the health of everyone in the world, why is it not being plastered across the United States? I do not know why. People at higher pay grades that I make those decisions of what to tell the world and what to hold back.

It makes no sense that naturally-acquired immunity is not being hyped as equal to if not better than vaccines. It does make sense that I need to be sold something else in the meantime that money can be made during this crisis. I have written many times that antiviral drugs wiped out the Delta variant in India in just a few weeks.

Yet, there now appears to be a concerted effort to ban future use of specific antiviral drugs to treat pandemic patients in various places in India. Antiviral drugs are cheap, proven safe, and available. It is difficult to make a profit on something that has a low-profit margin compared to a brand-new wonder drug that has not been fully approved.

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