San Diego, a city with nearly zero COVID-19 deaths.

An official in San Diego reported this week that only six people died from ‘pure’ COVID-19. Those six had no pre-existing conditions. San Diego county’s death toll from COVID-19 is 194 as of las.t Thursday. San Diego’s population is 3,300,000 and has 5,278 confirmed cases of COVID-19. COVID-19 deaths are not as dangerous as originally thought.

San Diego’s ‘pure’ death rate from COVID-19 is 0.00000182. The county’s confirmed case rate is 0.00159 and the death rate is 0.0000588. I realize that these disturbing numbers represent a pandemic in one major city in the United States. What did San Diego do right to eliminate the risk of COVID-19?

California reports 73,173 COVID-19 cases with 2,974 deaths. Those deaths represent 0.04 percent. We know that the real number of COVID-19 is exponentially higher based on studies by two major universities in California. How safe does a population need to be?

No one has ever defined death rates at this level means everything is OK. New case rates at this level reflect a time to reduce lockdown. New hospitalization rates at this level mean we can stop social distancing. Recovery rates, or another important rate in numbers for the public need to be defined so we know where we stand! Not left unanswered for controls to go on for another two weeks, or two months, or the rest of the years.

There is currently a request to have the numbers of COVID-19 deaths modified to remove two categories. One is for people who died who were presumed to have COVID-19 but not confirmed. A second category is a person with COVID-19 who died of something else.

What impact will that make in the 85,000+ deaths in the United States? Anyone’s guess right now. I would not be surprised to see the total deaths reduce by twenty to forty percent based on my research.

We know the real number of cases of COVID-19 is not confirmed. Too many people have had it and had no symptoms and no tests. Testing was limited until recently. As more tests are given, there have been very few new confirmed cases reported. There is no increase in hospitalizations or deaths. Death statistics are decreasing. Hospital availability is continuing to increase.

I believe the San Diego numbers are reflective of many communities around the United States. The quarantine was enacted to reduce the number of people entering hospitals. There were not enough beds. There is a plethora of beds across the United States today. The quarantine was also enacted to temporarily protect us and those in the higher-risk categories. Maybe only the higher risk people need further quarantine, not the rest of the population.

There are no spikes of new COVID-19 cases or deaths in states opening and removing quarantine restrictions. Interesting?

Things have changed. High-risk people with pre-existing conditions have been protected in nearly all states. Policies need to change to reflect reality. The numbers need to reflect the correct causes for death whether it be seasonal flu, heart attack, pneumonia, or ‘pure’ COVID-19.

When all is said and done by this time next year, we will see a significant reduction in the number of cancer deaths, heart attack deaths, stroke deaths, and more. Did they not happen? Were they precipitated by COVID-19? Let us have real numbers for each death, not lumping them all into the COVID-19 total for expediency.

Live Longer & Enjoy Life! – Red O’Laughlin –


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