I am recovering from my second bout of COVID-19 today. My first was eight months ago. The Delta variant was more vicious of the two. However, if this is the worst that can happen every eight to twelve months, then there probably is not much worry about it – or is there?

No, I did not get vaccinated or boosted. Since the China flu was first discussed, I have written around 400 articles on COVID-19. I have opined several times that I was not excited that the vaccine clinical trials were truncated, but I understand that there is risk and reward with many aspects of our lives.

Several times after the vaccines were introduced, I said that I would look at the data and decide to get a vaccine (or not) in September 2020. Unfortunately, I came down with the pandemic virus on the last day of August 2020. It hit me hard, and I was down for the count for a few days. A monoclonal antibody treatment made a significant difference in just a few days.

The main narrative is that everyone should get a vaccine. But what we have is not a vaccine in the truest sense of the word. Vaccines should offer protection for more than a few months. The current approved versions do not. The booster shots are not any better.

What I have seen is a gradual degradation of personal protection in public. When I caught the virus, I was adhering to all the official protocols plus several of my own that I had happened upon from my research. Ultimately, our immune systems protect us. Whether the immune system is fortified in advance with a vaccine or not, it is the only weapon our bodies have to fight off disease.

When people stop nodding and start touching elbows, then gradually doing fist bumps, then shaking hands or going for the handshake and body hug, the level of contact with an infected person increases exponentially. Most people in my area of the world do not wear masks.

A year ago, it was literally 100%. Our world shifted to video conferencing, and business networking changed. Several months ago, I returned to in-person meetings and maintained several video conference options weekly.

I think back to the first time I was infected and cannot capture any event in which I was exposed. This time, I believe it was a military luncheon. Regardless, it does not matter once the cat is out of the bag.

Over 100 vaccines are being researched around the world. I am sure that in a year or two (or three) that this pandemic will be relegated to the history books. Yes, mutations will continue to occur; some may be worse and others so marginal that it may be difficult to declare them a severe threat.

However, in the meantime, the original theory of herd immunity is not working out so well. People are growing laxer about safeguards. The virus is not killing people as it had months ago. So, what do we do?

Well, since I got my second booster this week (actual viral infection the second time), I will continue along with my life and stop worrying about things I have little control over. However, it does not mean I will stop enhancing my immune system or taking required safety precautions.


In 1964, Dusty Springfield sang, Wishin’ and Hopin’ that Hal David and Burt Bacharach wrote. The opening lyrics apply to us today in our pandemic world. Wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’ and plannin’ and dreamin’ are not going to work to get you into the arms of the one you love, nor will it defend you from the next coronavirus infection.

Also, in 1964 (an excellent year for me, by the way), Dr. Strangelove, a bit of a black comedy satire about nuclear conflict. We do not need to worry when something will happen as opposed to something that might occur. The pandemic is here. It has happened. Unlike nuclear conflict, we can prepare and enjoy life at the same time.

My best advice is to concentrate on boosting your immune system daily. That is where the rubber meets the road. Personal protection and other measures cannot hurt.

Live Longer & Enjoy Life! – Red O’Laughlin – RedOLaughlin.com

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