COVID-19 infections of younger people will lower the death rate.

Dr. Tom Frieden is the former director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He expects a lower death rate with record numbers of new COVID-19

The good news is they are healthy and will have mild to no symptoms and survive at nearly 100%. There will be those few people with known or unknown health complications that COVID-19 can endanger lives at any age. It is not only the elderly with pre-existing conditions that must be protected against COVID-19. Increased new COVID-19 cases among younger people will lower the death rate.

There is also a potential increase in risk with these younger infected people passing the virus on to others. Social distancing, washing hands often, and face masks are mandatory for personal protection.

Sunday, the Florida Department of Health reported nearly 3,500 new COVID-19 cases with 62% of citizens under 45 years of age. Demographics have been shifting over the past couple of decades in the southern United States, especially in Florida, South Caroline, Georgia, and Texas.

Spring Break, Mardi Gras, protest marches, and other recent public events have most participants under 45 years of age. We see record numbers of new COVID-19 cases, but not an upward trend in hospitalizations or daily deaths as would be expected based on the statistics from the first two months of this pandemic.

Senior citizens are being protected, social distancing and other protective measures are increasing herd immunity. Quarantine was implemented to slow down the hospitalization demand. It worked well to get the treatment of COVID-19 patients under control.

Quarantine was not instituted to cure coronavirus. Immunity and vaccines will provide that layer of safety. This coronavirus is new, and our bodies have no inherent safeguard from our immune systems.

Elderly COVID-19 patients have a higher mortality rate. Seasonal influenza mortality rates are seen with infants/toddlers and the elderly. The 1918-20 Spanish Flu pandemic attacked those between 20-40 years of age more than any other demographic.

Each disease has its target audience. COVID-19 patients under 55 years of age appear to recover remarkedly well.

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