Health is something we should not ignore.
rawpixel / Pixabay – Health is something we should not ignore.

Beginning 2010, I wrote a blog about a woman who gave up on the medical community’s opinions and recommendations and took control of her own future health. She had been in a wheel chair for several years. She hated every day. She was taking well over a dozen prescription medicines daily. She was at that point where she shouted, “NO MORE!”.

And, after six months she was out of the wheel chair, lost weight, could see better, hear better, drive, and in control of her life again. She was on zero medicines and eating healthy foods and exercising daily. Is this the norm? Of course not! But, we live in a bubble when we give control of our health to other people.

I am not advocating that everyone do what this lady did.  As I’ve said in past blogs/articles, doctors add value to our society and should be consulted and used when you deem it necessary.  There are times when I go to the doctor, but it is not my first choice.  I have a very good general physician, dentist, cardiologist and dermatologist and would not trade them – but, I use them as consultants.

This lady asked me about what she could do to help her husband who was showing early signs of Alzheimer’s disease. I told her that I cannot tell or recommend anything to her. I am not a doctor. I do, however, share what the medical journals and articles say about various things.

The doctors had given her husband the standard prescription medicines for Alzheimer’s and they worked with their usual inefficiency.  Her husband kept going downhill.  This woman is a pretty tough old bird in her own right.  She decided that there had to be some information on the Internet that would give her some viable options.

She had read about phosphatidlyserine (PS) and asked my opinion based on my research. PS is one of four phospholipids our bodies make. PS is one that can pass through the blood-brain barrier. It works very well on early onset Alzheimer’s disease for many people.

My brother-in-law came down with Alzheimer’s disease many years ago. When he started taking PS he could not tell you what year it was. After taking it for several months he could tell you what he had for breakfast, what was on television last night and what was on television tonight. It worked wonders for him for several years. Again, PS addresses only one cause of Alzheimer’s. He is still living, but not with his old mind.

I told her that Alzheimer’s has many causes and PS might control one, but not all of them. She was insistent that she needed to do something and soon. She stopped all his medications after talking to her doctor – just like she did with her own life. She found a few things that worked well in a very short period of time, and eventually came up with her own formula of off the shelf supplements that reversed the Alzheimer’s disease her husband had.  He could remember everything from years ago, plus what he had for lunch.  He was a new person.

Am I advocating, recommending or telling everyone with Alzheimer’s to stop taking their prescription drugs and switch to PS – NO!  I am not responsible for your health – you are!  If you are under a doctor’s care, you need to consult with him or her before you do anything.  You need to know all the facts.  You can certainly search the Internet and find a lot of information and go in armed to do battle.  Maybe your doctor is not aware of PS – it’s quite possible – many doctors are not aware of natural supplements.

Only you can control your health.  Use your doctor as a consultant and I believe you will have a better life.  Consultants are very good in their specialties!


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