Doctors are not responsible for your health.
Fotonerd / Pixabay – Doctors are not responsible for your health.

Most doctors rely on drugs as the first option for treatment.  Drugs are my last option for treatment.  I look at the side effects and say – “No, Thank You!”  I am responsible for my health – not my doctor. My doctor is responsible for treating existing health problems.

I believe that my doctor can do wonders if I break a bone or have to have surgery to remove my gallbladder.  My doctor can also provide relief when I have symptoms that seem to never go away, regardless of what I do.  Those instances are far and number very little in my life.  I am past retirement age and require no prescription meds.

I remember one particular instance several decades ago in which I had not been able to get rid of a constant, nagging running nose, slightly sore throat and cough.  Everything I tried made me groggy, sleepy and lethargic, but it did relieve the symptoms.  I finally went to the doctor and he prescribed some meds.

They didn’t work, so I went back.  The third visit resulted in getting something that relieved the symptoms and did not affect my ability to live a normal life.  Making this a short story – the next year I had the same thing, but I knew the magic pill to take.  The third year I was again in his office, and while I was waiting I chose to open my file and see what had been recorded.

To my amazement, I found that I had been in his office the previous year on the exact same date.  Two years ago I had been there within a week of that date.  The doctor came in and we talked for a moment or two, and he then prescribed the same pills that worked the previous year.  I asked him if what I had an allergy since I had been to his office on the exact date last year and within a week of that date two years ago.  He looked at the file and concluded that I probably was allergic to something.

A few months later, I read an article in an airplane magazine that described the success of taking local fresh frozen bee pollen to combat allergies.  I found some in my neighborhood and started taking it.  The next year my symptoms were so slight that I didn’t take any prescription meds.  I’ve never had those symptoms the next year and ever since that time.  My body was able to produce the right defense for that allergy.  Today I know of many natural options to reduce the histamine reaction from allergies and would opt for one of them if the need arose.

The medical profession is not taught to solve the cause of our health problems. They treat symptoms. I research what happens in our bodies at the cellular level, biochemically speaking. I look for cause and effect relationships. I want to fix a problem once and for all at the source of the problem. I am responsible for my own health.  Doctors are not responsible for my health.

Most people rely on their doctor’s advice. They don’t ask questions. I am constantly asking questions of any doctor I see. This past year I had an eye test (first in several years). No problems, but lots of questions asked with perfectly good eyes. I saw my primary care physician for my annual physical. I always have a ton of questions for him.

I saw my dermatologist three times this past year. I never fail to ask about things related to my various skin conditions. When in doubt, he takes a biopsy. I saw a cardiologist for the first time this year (a baseline recommended by my primary care physician). Between the doctor’s visit, the echo-cardiogram and the nuclear stress EKG, I felt comfortable understanding their equipment, what was being tested and my results.

If you are on prescription meds and the side effects are getting to you, ask questions. What can be done to counter the side effects? Bring suggestions to your doctor. For example, let’s say you have high blood pressure. Suggest that you lose weight and/or exercise more. Both are accepted treatments for high blood pressure. Your doctor will probably agree and monitor your progress. It might actually work and you can get off that medicine. You are in charge of your own health.



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