Good health is not promised.
karsten_madsen / Pixabay – Good health is not promised.

Many years ago, I was exposed to the ‘no scoring’ rule for some sports. Everyone got a trophy. There were winners and no losers. Today, I read that some schools don’t want to announce valedictorians. Some schools give that title to multiple students (one school awarded it to 48 students).

Why the necessity for not winning and measuring? Maybe health should be the same way. Don’t weigh yourself. Don’t go to the doctor’s office for an annual checkup. Don’t get blood tests. When you die, you are dead. Everyone is equal. We don’t need insurance. Pre-existing conditions don’t matter.

However, as we get older, we find out that some things do matter. Some people do get more money than others for similar work. Some people are healthier than others. Some people save more money than others. Some people find themselves out of work and out of money with many more years of retirement ahead of them.

I won’t comment any further whether it is good (or not) to not have scores for sports when youngsters play; or, to have the best students identified when they complete in high school. Better minds than mine have already made those decisions. But, keep that same attitude about your lifestyle and you will live to regret it.

Good health is difficult to achieve and maintain. It is not easy. The U. S. Navy Seals have a slogan, “The only easy day was yesterday!”. Our health is the same way. The easy days are always behind us. Our bodies continue to change as we age. We find ourselves not able to do the same things as we did before; and, we look older and become frailer. It gets worse when we continue to do nothing about it every day.

We must work for what we want. What a concept! You want something, you plan for it and you go and get it. How do you plan effectively for good retirement health? It’s more difficult since there are so many experts telling you to do this and that and they all seem to digress. This diet promises this and this lifestyle implies another thing. Should you be a vegan or adopt a keto-lifestyle? Is Adkins really that bad? If I don’t exercise, can I still expect to be better than the rest?

Health, in general, reminds me of a 1967 song, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden written by Joe South and known to many as sung by Lynn Anderson. Our health has a little sunshine and a little rain. You must give and take, live and let live. There is no promise of a rose garden in your healthy future. You must work for it; and, you must know how to achieve it and maintain it.


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  1. Very true words and I must admit I do think more about my health now than I did… I also think more about the food I eat and make sure I walk at least 6 days a week.. Is it hard not for me ? It is a way of life and I think if you get into that mindset it does become easy to maintain..Maybe I am just single minded…lol

  2. Great post Red and so true that if we want good health we must work for it. We all know that our bodies were made to move so getting the right amount of exercise is vital.

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