Your immune system is your best chance for great health.
skeeze / Pixabay -Your immune system is your best chance for great health.

Zonulin is the protein that opens tiny holes in the intestinal track for the processed nutrients to enter the bloodstream. This is the normal process to get the nutrients from the foods you eat into your body. Gluten (from wheat) can cause an overproduction of zonulin. Excessive amounts of zonulin create larger than normal openings in the intestinal wall. Your ENS (enteric nervous system) cannot respond to size and quantity of particles passing through the larger holes. The ENS secretes protective chemicals to counter foreign particles trying to pass through the intestinal wall. Your ENS has been defeated by gluten. In addition to gluten, scientists believe that the following conditions also cause an increase in intestinal permeability:

● Zinc deficiency
● Toxins
● Intestinal inflammation
● Bacteria
● Stress
● Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories
● Lactose intolerance
● Intestinal infections

Scientists tell us that there are over 100 autoimmune diseases. Some of the more common autoimmune diseases are:

● Graves’ disease
● Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
● Lupus
● Type 1 diabetes
● Multiple sclerosis
● Rheumatoid arthritis

The term ‘leaky gut’ (also known as intestinal permeability) applies to the condition when the holes in your intestinal tract are larger than normal. Almost anything in your intestinal tract can enter your bloodstream. Things you don’t want in your bloodstream are:

● Bacteria
● Bacterial toxins
● Viruses
● Yeasts
● Parasites
● Partially digested food molecules
● Metabolites
● Acids

Our immune system jumps into action and attacks these critters – trying to neutralize them before they can do harm. Our immune system is our best line of defense against disease. However, when it is constantly under attack, it will weaken. When your immune system is unable to perform its function, some of these foreign particles get into your bloodstream. They are transported to various parts of your body, including your brain.

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