Is it too early to celebrate the demise of the pandemic?

Fear is probably the number one word that described Americans’ perception of the pandemic one year ago. Too many unknowns too quickly. The virus was killing older adults, and hospitals were not capable of handling the increasing caseloads.

We have seen surges and mass vaccinations within the past six months. Is fear receding? The simple answer is YES!

FEAR The latest Gallup Poll shows that fear of contracting the virus is at a record low. Approved vaccines had a few rollout problems, but people are getting vaccinated daily, over a million a day.

Almost one in two Americans were worried about catching COVID-19 a month ago. That ratio has decreased to one in three Americans as of March. Older adults are most at risk for hospitalization and death from coronavirus. More people over 65 have been vaccinated, adding a level of protection not yet enjoyed by the rest of America.

Shortly, the vaccine will be available to all adults. Clinical trials are now ongoing for children, with the results available this summer. Nearly forty percent have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, and half that amount is fully protected.

A poll taken in January showed that one in three Americans viewed the United States’ situation as improving. Over one in two had that view a month later. Over three out of four expressed that opinion in March.

One in five currently has no plans to get the COVID-19 vaccine. I am in this group. I do not need to get vaccinated now, but I intend to within the next six months. I have no intentions of getting the mRNA vaccine as I view the technology as new and not thoroughly tested. I may change my mind a year from now, but today, that is my opinion.

Polls show breakdowns by political parties, demographics, and more. Slightly over three out of four Democrats view America’s pandemic situation as improving, while six out of ten Republicans feel that way. Independents are registering their outlook in between the two political parties.

Overall World COVID-19 Status Over ninety-nine and a half percent of the world’s new cases of COVID-19 are mild or asymptomatic. Less than 0.5% are considered serious or severe. New cases of coronavirus dipped to a low in mid-February and are rising again. Ninety-seven percent of the world’s population has survived the virus. Initially, most of the three percent of the total deaths attributable to coronavirus were older adults.

United States COVID-19 Status Ninety-eight percent of Americans survived COVID-19. The 2% of total deaths are predominately those over 65 years of age. New COVID-19 cases have stabilized around 60,000/day for the past month. Daily deaths from coronavirus are still decreasing to the low levels seen at the end of last summer.


The pandemic has affected everyone. No one denies it. Some suffered from business failures. Others saw friends and family perish. The 2020-21 pandemic year has been horrific and staggering. It is time that the perception of our future is improving.

Vaccinations will make our country and the world safer. Is it the panacea? No, but. It is still a disease with a death rate of under 1% for nearly everyone under 55 years of age. Vaccines for children will be commonplace by the Fall. Yes, my view of America is continuing to improve weekly.

There are still places in the world facing a dire situation with coronavirus, like Brazil. Fixing the problem in America will provide methods and insights into fixes all over the world.

Live Longer & Enjoy Life! – Red O’Laughlin –



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