Sweeney's Weeneys
Sweeney’s Weeneys

I was walking through downtown Key West, Florida recently and discovered I was hungrier than I thought.  I wasn’t interested in high-priced food in a restaurant or waiting in line.  There was a street vendor selling hot dogs.  I struck a conversation with him and he showed me his hot dogs and Italian sausages.

I decided on the Italian sausage and thoroughly enjoyed it.  As I was eating it, a couple walked by and asked how it was.  I told them, “It was excellent.”  Then, I said, “Actually, it is better than excellent.”  I was nearly done eating and decided that I needed to tell the street vendor than I was very pleased with his food and I was going to write a blog about it.

I don’t often eat street vendor food.  I’m not around them very often.  I’m on vacation and the occasion arose – and, I’m very glad.  The Italian sausage was one of the best I’ve had in a long time, maybe even the best ever.  It was flavorful and juicy with a hint of peppers and onions.  I don’t know the brand he used.

I know that he was very courteous and answered every question before I decided to buy something.  He was not pushy.  Once I decided to order from him, then he asked questions about condiments for the sausage, chips, soda, etc.  I made my usual choices.  I walked about thirty feet away where I could use a newspaper stand as a stand-up table along the sidewalk.

As I am recalling the event for this blog, I am also recalling the taste the sausage in a hot dog bun left in my mouth.  It was truly scrumptious.

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