Clarification of mouthwash and face masks needed.

A few days ago, I wrote an article about the success some researchers had discovered with mouthwash and nasal rinses against human coronaviruses. I noticed today that there is a major disclaimer telling the world that mouthwash options should not be used instead of face masks!

Mouthwash Study

The study referred to in my last article on this topic ( did not advise people to give up face masks, nor did the referenced sources. The article published today assumes that people read about the study and immediately adopted using mouthwash instead of face masks.

I did not interpret that from the articles I read about the mouthwash studies, nor in my writing about it. I did reread my own article to ensure I had not given that impression. I think mouthwash can be an additional arrow in the quiver against coronavirus, but not the primary one.

I bought a bottle of mouthwash and I now gargle for 30 seconds when leaving home and again when returning. It is an extra precaution that is cheap, easy, and fast. I have not given up my facial mask, washing my hands, or maintaining a social distance. The mouthwash is an extra option for people to consider, especially if they are around people at higher risk.

Study Details Summarized

Experiments were developed to test the effectiveness of nasal rinses and mouthwashes against human coronaviruses. The actual virus, SARS-CoV-2, responsible for COVID-19 was not used in this test. The virus used was close enough in composition to formulate an opinion on whether testing should continue. The tests were done in a laboratory and not with humans.

Some products were evaluated as effective in killing the human coronavirus used in the test. Testing is continuing with human trials based on the results of these experiments.

Medical Studies

Studies involving medicines and humans must be put through a rigorous protocol of tests and studies. These studies need to be set up from randomized controlled trials with control groups and placebo groups. It is a standard that is used to officially release a new medicine to the public.

The Federal Drug Administration does not test food. Food is not considered a drug. If garlic were suggested as a potent deterrent to COVID-19, there would be not testing because garlic is a food. If one of the components of garlic, such as allicin, alliin, diallyl sulfide, ajoene, or S-allyl-cysteine were to be manufactured in a laboratory and found to have potential solutions to a medical problem, then the specific compound from a portion of food can be tested. provides details on exactly what the FDA regulates. The FDA does not test or develop any products but reviews the results of clinical testing. If the benefits outweigh the risks, then the FDA can grant approval for human consumption.

Back to the Mouthwash

The mouthwash study is important because the spread of any virus is usually through the eyes, nose, and mouth. If an option were available that could block or reduce transmission of a virus, then the spread of that virus would be reduced.

There is nothing present on the market that can cure COVID-19, therefore, it is important to prevent the spread of the virus. Facial masks, handwashing, and social distancing are methods to reduce the spread of a virus. Periodic use of a mouthwash can also be a possible option to reduce the spread of a virus.

The laboratory study of mouthwash did not go beyond the normal use of mouthwash, nor did it use a product that was unavailable to the public. Using an over-the-counter product like face masks would be optimal for public use.


I think the thought that people will stop using face masks, social distancing, etc. and use only mouthwash has no merit. It was never suggested in any articles I reviewed that this mouthwash option was a cure, nor was it to replace standard safety precautions currently implemented.

Overreaction on their part? Maybe they do not want people to think for themselves? Or maybe they do not want to relinquish control. I do not know.

As I have reviewed this article another time, there is nothing calling out a specific authority who is up in arms with a possibility that people will stop using face masks and start using mouthwash. Maybe it is just simply an article providing clarity.

I have no problem with clarity or providing awareness and education. I think it is necessary for people to make better decisions. There was no time in the past few days that I ever considered abandoning the standard COVID-19 safety protocols and solely use mouthwash instead.

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