Coronavirus home test kits are now available for free for those who qualify.

Home tests for coronavirus have been talked about for the last several months. The FDA recently approved an emergency use authorization for a coronavirus home test kit.

Coronavirus Home Test Kit This coronavirus home test kit requires no prescription. A nasal sample is taken at home and sent to the lab for analysis.

Other home tests required an online questionnaire, and a prescription was issued after evaluating the answers.

Anyone over 18 years of age can order the coronavirus home test kit. A nasal swab of your nose is collected following the instructions in the coronavirus home test kit.

The sealed sample is then mailed to LabCorp for analysis. A positive test result will be relayed by phone while negative test results are delivered by email or available online.

Home Tests & Your Doctor These tests are confidential and rely on your initiative to contact your physician to determine the best course of action. In most cases, coronavirus patients self-quarantine.

These coronavirus home test kits are initially reserved for those with symptoms or those directed by a healthcare provider, a public health department, or a contact investigator.

Your doctor is not involved, and no prescription is needed on the front end to obtain the coronavirus test kit.

Costs The coronavirus home test kit is free for those meeting clinical guidelines. LabCorp will bill your insurance or use federal funds (when applicable) to cover the cost of the coronavirus home test kit. For those without health insurance and paying out of pocket, the cost is around $120.00.


I am happy that a non-prescription coronavirus home test kit is now available. I am disappointed that the results are not analyzed at home. The logistics of sending a sample and relying on a lab to process it and notify you adds complexity.

Earlier this year I wrote about inexpensive coronavirus home testing. The thought at that time was a coronavirus home test kit that would be priced around $5.00. The results would be available within five to ten minutes.

This type of test would benefit individuals and businesses. A restaurant or bar owner could test people in a holding area before they would be admitted. Other businesses could use a cheap, five-minute coronavirus home test kit to identify workers or visitors regularly.

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