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I recently watched a YouTube video by Navy Seal David Goggins called, Embrace the Suck!!! It’s a 10-minute video and worth your time. Did you ever stop and think about why we never shift from our comfort zones from year to year? Is 2019 going to look a lot like 2018, and 2017, and 2016?

Our lifestyle is dictated by our mindset. As such, we almost always take the easy way out when faced with difficult choices. We are happy if we can manage our expectations. But, managing our expectations, especially when they are set very low, leads to mediocrity on a good day.

We need to exceed our expectations – daily! We don’t become great and stop. We need to challenge ourselves daily to do something that we don’t want to do but must do to make ourselves better.

David Goggins is probably one of the only people to go through Navy Hell Week three times in one year. He completed it twice. He had a host of injuries and was sent back three times to Day 1, Week 1 of Navy Seal School. The best of the best wash out of Navy Seal School – 130+ hours of constant training with a couple hours of sleep.

David Goggins realized that he had to figure out a way to conquer the obstacles of becoming a Navy Seal – not to take the easy way out and ‘ring the bell’ (quit). He kept asking himself, “How can I get through this?”

We automatically place barriers in our minds. Sometimes, these barriers are real; and, sometimes they are just imaginary. However, our subconscious mind does not know the different between real and imagined. Things are too hard, too cold, too hot, or some other excuse. We accept those excuses at face value and look for the easy way out. It’s a lot like hitting the ‘snooze’ button every morning.

If you want success in 2019 (or any time), you must learn to do something every day that you don’t to do that will improve you. Learn to Embrace the Suck!!!

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