Learn to read all food labels before buying.
Learn to read all food labels before buying.

I was waiting for a friend today in a local supermarket. I noticed over a dozen shoppers walking by with their carts half-full or more. I shop mostly in the fruits, vegetables and meats sections of the stores. I don’t do much wandering down the center aisles.

What I noticed was that almost every basket had lots and lots of packaged products. I mentioned to my brother-in-law afterwards about our recent experience with our new trash collector. We have a garbage collection twice a week and a recycle collection every other week. Every time I take out the garbage there is usually only one bag in this huge trash can. My neighbors have their garbage cans overflowing the top.

I can easily see how the packaging materials can fill up a trash can. Each one of those packaged foods usually has preservatives, artificial colors and flavors and other chemicals that should not be in our foods. Europe has outlawed many chemicals from their foods and personal care products. The United States based companies sell their products in Europe without the banned ingredients, but they continue to put those toxins in our products.

I was looking at a packaged product yesterday. It was three and a half times the price of the one next to it. I looked at both of them together. The higher priced product had four ingredients. The lower priced one had eight or nine. I don’t buy anything packaged without looking at the ingredients – a habit I got into several years ago.

We all want to be healthy, yet we don’t know what we are eating in many cases. It’s what we don’t know that can harm us. If you are filling up more than one trash bag every couple of days, you might have an opportunity to make some changes in your life to improve your health.

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