Headlines around the world only capture the doom and gloom of society.

I check health headlines daily. I ensure that the information I research and write about is current. It seems the health headlines are so active that it might take me a day or two when there are multiple headlines on the same day that grab my attention.

Latest Headline

https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20201228/fauci-worst-yet-to-come-as-covid-19-surges Why is it that nearly every month the forecast for doom and gloom increases. Vaccines are being distributed as quickly as they are manufactured. People, for the most part, actively protect themselves from viral infection.

I cannot tell you the last time I saw a person in a store not wearing a mask. It has been months. I live in the Houston, TX area and maybe we are more attentive. I see people walking outside with face masks. I see people driving with face masks.

I see people slathering hand sanitizer frequently. I do not follow them into the bathroom to ensure they are washing their hands, but I know when I visit a public restroom (and it is rare) that people wait in line to wash their hands.

The “Worst Yet to Come” headline was qualified with the statement (paraphrased), “We very well might see a post-seasonal COVID-19 surge…” The speculation is that people will have traveled over Christmas and New Years’ and that automatically spreads the disease, even with personal protection. I know this was the first Christmas in my life that I wore a face mask and gloves to open presents.

Current World Trends

https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ The new worldwide COVID-19 cases declined nearly 200,000 on the 28th of December based on a rolling seven-day average. The trend downward is evident. Will it last? From mid-October to mid-November, the trend of new COVID-19 cases was much more inclined than from mid-November to mid-December. The trend line for the past six weeks resembles July and August.

Similar observations can be made from worldwide COVID-19 daily deaths. Fifteen hundred fewer deaths are reported on a seven-day rolling average from the 24th to 28th of December. The trend of daily deaths has taken a sharp dive after a huge surge from mid-October to mid-December.

Current United States Trends

https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/ Daily new COVID-19 cases appear to be declining since mid-December in the United States. The number of new cases is equal to early December and approaching the numbers just prior to Thanksgiving. The post-Thanksgiving surge in new cases appears to be over.

The trend line of daily deaths from COVID-19 mirrors the new case trend line for the past month. There is a strong decline in daily deaths in the past five days. Is this trend going to continue? No one knows for certain. We do know that there will be no news of declining trends in new cases or daily deaths.


The darkest days of coronavirus might be or might not be ahead of us. It is just a guess. Yes, there was a definite surge of coronavirus cases and deaths in December. Yes, we hear from the medical scientists that the coronavirus loves the cold weather like seasonal influenza.

It will be months before vaccinations influence surging cases and daily deaths. It will probably be months after that before local, state, and government experts reduce personal protections and allow a return to normal. Power is difficult to give up. In the meantime, more vaccines will be approved and distributed providing more protection in the United States and worldwide.

I did a quick check on COVID-19 hospitalizations (https://www.tmc.edu/coronavirus-updates/tmc-daily-new-covid-19-hospitalizations) in Houston and found them trending upward and have been since early November. However, the daily hospitalizations from COVID-19 are two-thirds of what they were in late June and early July. I did a similar look at the hospitalizations in the United Kingdom earlier this week when I was making up my mind to write about the ‘explosion’ of new coronavirus cases in England. The hospitalizations were up, but significantly below the patient levels earlier in the year.

We will continue to see dark predictions and hear about surging new cases, daily deaths, and hospitals nearly unable to handle the new COVID-19 cases. It is our culture. Doom and gloom will always make the headlines.

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  1. My brother’s father in law died of COVID last week. His motherin law is now positive and in isolaton in Dallas. Both in their 80’s.

    I am getting vaccinated 1st shot next Wed through Houston Methodist under Gov Abbott’s 2nd phase plan. Moderna LR Pfizer. I don’t care WHAT it does to my RNA.

    I don’t CARE what the risks are. If it is good enough for Pence and Fauci, it is good enough for me. It HAS to be better than dying like John Letsos, Louisiana (R) Congressman Elect, who died in 10 days at age 41. No known co-morbidities. Young wife and 2 young kids.

    1. I was shocked also to hear about the Louisiana Congressman. My son survived COVID without infecting his family for two weeks. My granddaughter who lives with us was tested positive recently. My wife and I tested negative this week. I honestly do not think there is a grave risk from mRNA vaccines since I’ve researched them. There are always concerns with what happens to those not tested in the clinical trials – pregnant women, elderly with pre-existing, etc. I am going to defer a few months more about getting the vaccine. No one knows how long the mRNA protection will last. It might be years or we might be getting this shot every year, like seasonal influenza. I am glad to hear you are protecting yourself. If it is not asking too much, please let me know (IM) how the first seven days go. Just interested in any reactions you might have. Most people have soreness in their arms where they got the shot – like almost every other shot we have had in our lives. Thanks, Roy!

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