Los Angeles County is reporting increased new COVID-19 cases and decreased hospitalizations and daily deaths.

I have been downplaying the recent record numbers of new COVID-19 cases in several states. I keep asking why we see only the new case numbers but not the number of hospitalization or daily death numbers. Record numbers of new COVID-19 cases do not mean that we must remain under quarantine.

The Los Angeles Times reported over the weekend that county health director, Barbara Ferrer, is happy with the record new COVID-19 cases so long as the new hospitalizations and daily death numbers stay steady or decrease. The county’s daily new COVID-19 cases are steady at around 8% and have been for the past several weeks.

However, the average daily hospitalization rate is decreasing, as is the seven-day average of daily deaths. The downward trend in death statistics has been consistent for over two months.

Increased testing will uncover more people with COVID-19. If those infected people are considered as mild cases, there will be no increase in the rate of hospitalizations or deaths.

If health officials are monitoring the right numbers, effective actions can be taken to restrict or loosen the requirements for self-quarantine and public gatherings. If new COVID-19 cases doubled or tripled in one week and the number of hospitalizations and deaths continued to decrease, what is gained by continuing a strict policy of shelter in place?

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