The death rate for COVID-19 is decreasing rapidly.

The CDC’s website,, shows a dramatic downturn in deaths with or of COVID-19. A total of 128,085 deaths involving COVID-19 since early February 2020. The highest month of deaths involving COVID-19 was April with 58,197 deaths or 45% of the total deaths since the pandemic started.

Two months later, the total monthly deaths involving COVID-19 fell to 15,298 deaths. June represents 12% of the total U.S. COVID-19 related deaths and 26% less than April. Through three weeks in July, 4631 deaths involving COVID-19 have been reported – 3.6% of the total deaths and 8% of the total monthly deaths reported in April 2020.

If the bottom has fallen out of the death statistics across the entire United States, why are we not hearing about this? April 21st was the only week prior to this past week that weekly COVID-19 related deaths were in three digits (563 deaths). From that date until July 18th, deaths have been in the thousands or tens of thousands per week. July 18th data shows 190 deaths involving COVID-19.

190 deaths across the United States in one week! With the headlines screaming record new cases daily for several states, what is going on? 80% of the death statistics are reported electronically within minutes of death certificates being completed. The remaining 20% of deaths are hand-tabulated and reported within seven days. Each state has a different reporting structure and all COVID-19 related deaths are reported within ten days.

There is a lag in reporting, as would be expected with death certificate processing. Regardless, the trend from weekly death totals in the tens of thousands to less than 200 last week is remarkable. Is it a change in the reporting mechanism? The Federal government changed the reporting process in the same week that 190 total COVID-19 related deaths were reported.

Hospitals were reporting COVID-19 related deaths directly to the CDC and HHS (Health and Human Services). Deaths involving COVID-19 are now reporting directly to HHS and not to the CDC.

My ‘go-to’ source for my research into coronavirus statistics is A quick check of the daily United States COVID-19 related deaths shows different numbers than the CDC. The daily death count relating to COVID-19 was 813 two days ago, 412 yesterday, and 226 deaths today. Those three days total of 1451 deaths involving COVID-19.

There is a significant downward trend in daily COVID-19 death statistics. Prior to the change in reporting COVID-19 related deaths, the CDC reported 2,818 deaths the week of July 4th and 1,623 deaths the week of July 11th. It was not until July 16th that the reporting process changed. Is the real death rate decreasing that rapidly? Both the CDC and other sources are showing a slowdown in deaths involving COVID-19.

I do not know the reason why there is such a dramatic downward trend in COVID-19 related deaths. Is it simply a change in reporting, or is it a reality?

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