Could a simple pill stop the pandemic virus? Maybe!

The United States has relied on vaccines to fight coronavirus. By many measures, it has been a successful campaign with over 212 million vaccinated.

Around 55% have both doses of vaccine, and another 10% have had a single dose. This does not count the 10% that survived the virus. So, partial protection is around 65%, and adding in the survivors of the pandemic virus, raises that number to approximately 75%.

Anti-viral Pill Option Scientists have been working on anti-viral pills to treat COVID-19 since 2020. Some existing drugs appear to work well; however, the FDA does not recognize many of those successes since no clinical trials were testing the anti-viral drug against COVID-19 patients.

Some doctors quickly prescribe non-vaccines (currently approved drugs not approved for COVID-19) to their patients. For example, one of my sisters-in-law and her husband were exposed recently to COVID-19. She called her doctor, and he prescribed Ivermectin immediately, and they began a six-day treatment immediately.

My wife and I had COVID-19 during the first two weeks of September. We were treated immediately with Regeneron monoclonal antibodies, and the recovery was rapid.

India & Delta Variant and
India was devastated by the Delta variant. By mid-February, the pandemic virus was detected in just over 10,000 people daily. Two months later, the daily case rate approached 350,000. Daily deaths were under 100 through most of February. By the middle of May, the daily death rate loomed near 5,000.

India did not have an adequate vaccine supply and opted for Ivermectin – an antiparasitic drug – to treat most of its population. Each state was allowed to determine what treatment options to use. By the middle of July, daily death counts were rapidly approaching 500, with new daily cases under 70,000.

This week, the daily new COVID-19 case rate is around 30,000, with daily deaths around 300. Not all Indian states opted for Ivermectin. Those states have significantly higher new cases and daily deaths. Over 60 studies comprising over 20,000 patients reported a 96% reduction in death with


Uttar-Pradesh is one of the Indian states and has a population equivalent to two-thirds (240 million) of the United States (330 million). It is reported COVID-19 daily cases at 26 with daily death averaging around three.

Kerala is a smaller state in India (under 36 million) with similar statistics for new COVID-19 as the United States when viewed on a per-capita basis. Earlier this month, Kerala has reported over 20,000 new COVID-19 cases daily and over 300 daily deaths.

FDA & Ivermectin The FDA has not authorized or approved Ivermectin for prevention or treatment of COVID-19. Why? Because there is no currently available data to show that Ivermectin is effective against COVID-19. (Note: clinical trials are ongoing)

The evidence from India regarding the safety and efficacy cannot be considered because there were no clinical trials to substantiate the success of Ivermectin in preventing or treating COVID-19.

What Other Options Are There? Remdesivir is the only anti-viral drug approved for some COVID-19 patients.,evaluated%20to%20treat%20COVID%2D19. Remdesivir is administered by IV and is not as convenient as a pill option.

Another Option in the Works Molnupiravir causes the COVID-19 . Molnupiravir stops the replication of the COVID-19 virus by interfering with the enzyme that facilitates the viral reproduction cycle.

Clinical trials are ongoing, and results are expected by the end of 2021.
Two other oral drugs are being evaluated concurrently – PF-07321332 and At-527.


Drug companies can ramp up the manufacturing of anti-viral drugs quickly – millions of pills in a short time – maybe before the end of 2021 if the FDA grants Emergency Use Authorization. We know that vaccines cannot prevent a person from becoming infected; however, if infected, that vaccinated person will experience milder symptoms and probably not need hospitalization.

Anti-viral drugs might be the answer to the pandemic if they are half as effective as what has been seen in India. For example, Ivermectin stopped the Delta variant in its tracks and controlled further transmission of the pandemic virus in those states using that antiparasitic drug.

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