Confusion abounds in many areas of our lives.

A person becomes infected with a disease. The body’s immune system responds accordingly. Over time, hopefully, you will survive the disease and have an everyday life again.

Your immune system has a vivid memory of that live pathogen that attacked and entered your body. As a result, it will be more vigilant and act more quickly in the future to thwart that same disease in the future.

That, in a nutshell, is naturally acquired immunity. Except in this pandemic age. It is discounted all the time in media. Why? Because the agenda is to push vaccines.

When vaccines work correctly, it is a good tool in the medical toolbox to fight the spread of disease. However, problems can develop when they do not work to counter the incoming attackers effectively. That is one reason why people do not want a COVID-19 vaccine.

Why Not Get Vaccinated? People who refuse to get vaccinated are not ignorant nor brainwashed. Trust of health authorities and the vaccine’s efficacy are primary reasons why many will never get vaccinated.

The new technology, mRNA vaccines, developed quickly and initially looked like it could stop the spread of the disease. It was adequate for a few months. I often opined that I would wait several months to decide to get vaccinated. I was upfront and said I would not get the mRNA vaccination because I thought the technology was not tested enough.

I set my personal line in the sand as September 2020. At that time, I would decide to get, or not get, vaccinated – and it would be with a viral vector vaccine. On the last day of August 2020, I caught the Delta variant as it visited my lovely south Texas city. Thanks to monoclonal antibodies, I made a rapid recovery and now have naturally acquired immunity.

Would I have decided not to get vaccinated had I not become infected with COVID-19? I honestly do not know. But, I tried to keep an open mind. I have written hundreds of articles on COVID-19 and probably know more than the average bear about this topic.

The artificial proteins used to develop mRNA vaccines are not natural. Development, approval, mass production, and distribution were expedited to save mankind from a disease that 99% of people survive, especially those under the age of 60.

Most vaccines go through a many-year cycle of clinical testing. However, the mRNA vaccines were distributed on a radically accelerated program in less than a year. Is this a reason to worry? Absolutely!

Over 12,000 people have died because of the vaccine. Of course, how do you know that the vaccine caused death? You do not. However, we have recorded many cases of anaphylaxis, thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and heart failure.

If people had known this before getting a vaccine shot, would they have gotten one or both? It is a tricky question to answer. If you are risk-averse, then you would willingly jump at the opportunity to have hope in the vaccine rather than face a less than two percent chance of dying from the pandemic virus. There are countries in Europe where the survival rate is above 99.5% for COVID-19.

We heard the term, breakthrough, used to describe extremely rare situations when a person is fully vaccinated and becomes infected with the pandemic virus. Initially, this number was extremely low. Then, however, the breakthrough numbers shot up exponentially after the shelf-life ran out on the vaccine shots.

When people started seeing and hearing about people who had both vaccine shots (and boosters) getting infected with COVID-19, why would they think the vaccine offers any protection at all? This is a primary reason for me to discount the effectiveness of a six-month vaccine. Why should I risk my health on repeated vaccinations and booster shots that have a short fuse?

Trust in government is questioned all the time in private because anyone shouting it to the world is ridiculed and effectively shut down from the central exchange of ideas.

Public health trumps open debate. Politics trumps any existing potential solutions – Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, etc. When free speech is stopped, why should people believe in the efficacy and effectiveness of vaccines?

It is also interesting how reporting of COVID-19 deaths became an issue. If you died with or because of the pandemic virus, you were automatically listed as a COVID-19 death.

You may have died from a motorcycle accident, heart failure, stroke, or other cause, but with the mere fact that your body tested positive for COVID-19, your death was listed as a COVID-19 death. So why do people not trust their government and health authorities?

The list of reasons people choose not to get vaccinated is still lengthy. However, the purpose of this article is to cover the topic of naturally acquired immunity.

Naturally Acquired Immunity Immunity is conferred in the body when it recognizes an attack from a bacteria, virus, or fungus. The body’s response is locked into that pathogen exclusively.

The mRNA vaccines were developed using the coronavirus spike protein’s configuration. When that configuration was recognized in specific receptor sites in our bodies, the vaccine would activate our immune system to respond as if it had seen that virus before and provide protection against it.

When a person is infected with coronavirus, the immune system sees the entire spike configuration and the entire molecular structure of that pathogen. That is why naturally acquired immunity has worked so well over time. Even if a pathogen mutates a bit, the overall structure remains constant. So minute changes do not show up to confuse our immune system.

Why are our health authorities constantly harping on getting vaccinated and downplaying or not discussing the benefits of naturally acquired immunity? I do not know.

However, the term, Follow the Money, probably has some part in the answer. The narrative is heavily invested in vaccines and boosters, even if they only work for a few months. There is no money to be made with naturally acquired immunity.

Recent Studies Supporting Naturally Acquired Immunity A study down with nearly 40,000 Cleveland Clinic employees noted that administering one dose of the mRNA vaccine not designed for the Omicron variant (all vaccines are not designed for the Omicron variant!) six months or more after infection showed no evidence of a person needing a second shot of the vaccine. Was the single vaccine shot the wonder drug against Omicron – or was the naturally acquired immunity what kept the latest variant at bay? This United Kingdom study compared two vaccine doses to naturally acquired immunity and the lasting power of each other. Two vaccine doses showed immediate protection that lasted for a couple of months and then waned significantly after six months. We have seen those numbers from several studies over the past months.

Those with naturally acquired immunity showed high resistance to infection well over a year without reducing the level of protection afforded by the infection-caused immunity.


The powers that be want their vaccine to be of value. Any protection that a COVID-19 vaccine affords should be considered to enhance existing infection acquired immunity. Combining the vaccine with the naturally acquired immunity is now called hybrid immunity.

A person surviving the pandemic virus has a high level of protection from reinfection. However, is it possible to catch the virus again? Yes, I know several who have been infected twice. However, the second time around was slightly less impactful than the first.

Our immune systems respond to incoming attacks. However, a challenged immune system from stress, lack of quality sleep, and many health concerns (high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc.) can weaken the immune system to the degree that it cannot fully combat the reattack from COVID-19. In the United States, the survival rate from COVID-19 is above 98%.

If naturally acquired immunity is better than vaccine immunity, why is it not part of the vaccine mandate? Because it is not a vaccine immunity! Mandates cannot dictate who gets infected. However, mandates can drive people into making decisions and taking action.

Live Longer & Enjoy Life! – Red O’Laughlin –


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  1. As usual – a ‘spot on’ overview, review, and possible future reactions to the now barely epidemic of Covid. One can only pray that we maintain our personal and group ‘freedom of choice’ in the face of increasingly irrelevant ‘mandates’.

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