Concierge medicine is available today.
DarkoStojanovic / Pixabay – Concierge medicine is available today.

Last month I attended a luncheon meeting with a concierge doctor. It was an introductory event to meet him and his organization/services.

The term, concierge, refers to a hotel employee whose job is to assist guests with their special requests. Concierge medicine is similar, but not exactly the same. It is a primary care doctor who has a relationship with his or her patients.

They patients pay a monthly/annual fee for service. Additional costs of medical care (tests, meds, etc.) are not part of the doctor’s fee, but are usually offered at extremely competitive prices. I’m sure many of you have seen the television show, Royal Pains. The doctor offers concierge services to his patients.

The doctor I visited described the overall medical industry and history or how we got to where we are today. He then went on to identify how his practice differs from the medical industry standard. He offered not only his services as a physician, but also an option to apply for a medical insurance program that meets the legal required of the Affordable Care Act and is significantly cheaper. His laboratory tests were unbelievably low compared to what I have seen and paid.

I have a concierge accountant. He specializes only in accounting services for small businesses. He used to have over a thousand clients. He chose 300 and turned the rest of his business over to his partner. Those 300 pay a monthly fee. I send him my tax information each year and get my return filed by him. I can ask questions (nearly 24/7 – I didn’t mention he now lives in Australia) about my business.

I think that we will be seeing more and more concierge services as the cost of medical care continues to grow out of sight. It might be something you want to check out in your local area.

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