It is dangerous to send COVID-19 infected students home before the quarantine period is over.

A short article today – I had surgery on my right wrist today to remove a squamous cell carcinoma. I have mobility in my right hand, but not a lot due to the bandages. Throbbing is increasing and time in my primary consideration.

I wrote yesterday about thousands of new COVID-19 cases on college campuses as students returned for the Fall Semester. There were no reported hospitalizations nor deaths despite thousands of new cases. I did not mention this concern yesterday as it occurred after I published it.

Students are away from home (most of them) and isolated from friends and families. Schools making decisions because of the increased numbers of cases and sending students home is not operating in an overly cautious manner.

Students remaining on campus will not infect family members and close friends if they remain on campus throughout the normal two-week quarantine period. Infected students sent home during a normal two-week quarantine program are a higher likelihood to infect others. I fail to see the caution in those actions.

If colleges are going to cancel and send students home, then the students should have the benefit of a two-week quarantine before allowing students to circulate in the home environments. This may be the case but is not being reported as such.

Months have passed since schools shut down. I applaud the schools for reopening. However, the immediate shutdown and return of students to their homes should be thought out before opening the door for future infections, especially those elderly living at home or nearby their homes.

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