There are two quotes afforded to Einstein. One is that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. The second quote is about solving a problem with the same thinking that created it. We have been in this pandemic for nearly two and a half years, and the mantra is still – get vaccinated.

I saw a headline yesterday – Previous Infection with Omicron Does Not Protect Against Reinfection. OK! The vaccine was tested against the Alpha and Beta variants over two years ago. Is it supposed to offer you protection against the Omicron variant?

We know that the vaccine protection was very good for a couple of months, and then it fades rapidly after six months. The booster shot is not any better – a couple of months, and then it dissipates. Chicken Little is right though. The Sky is Falling, and we must do something – get vaccinated!

The article states that a previous infection from the initial Omicron variant provides little protection against reinfection. Why? Because the spike mutations are different enough for our immune system to be fooled by later versions of Omicron.

The mRNA vaccines provide a minuscule version of the spike protein profile compared to the actual viral infection. Our immune system sees the entire spike and the whole viral molecule. It is part of the process by which the immune systems work. Our immunity is based on the entire molecule, not a tiny fraction of an amino acid sequence, to determine if we are in danger.

The story continues with another statement about the inability to gain additional immunity when a person was infected during the ‘first wave’ of the pandemic and then got the Omicron virus. OK, now a person has the Alpha or Beta, or even the Delta variant, and is unfortunate enough to become infected again with the Omicron. Therefore, those previous viral infections are not filed away in our immune data bank to prevent future infections. I am sorry; I do not follow that logic.

For whatever reason, that data was not included in the article. The author opined that the Omicron infection does not boost the overall effectiveness of our immune systems. Chicken Little has been talking to too many people, eh!


Over one hundred pandemic solutions are being tested around the world. I am confident that one (or more) will offer long-term protection against the SARS-CoV-2. Unfortunately, the original vaccines were rushed to market.

The makers knew before the first vaccines were given to us that they had a short shelf life – six to eight months. However, the public was never informed. I wondered why just a few months after vaccinations started there was a lot of talk about needing a booster shot.

Moreover, when the vaccine’s protective time expired, we were told that even if you were vaccinated, the risk of hospitalization and death was low. We have seen statistics from around the world indicating that breakthrough infections, hospitalizations, and deaths are not that rare.

We are not using different thinking to solve this pandemic problem. Instead, we are using the same thinking repeatedly – as if we learned nothing over the past twenty-plus months. Maybe it is insane to expect different results by doing the same thing? Oh, I forgot, the sky is falling!

Live Longer & Enjoy! – Red O’Laughlin –

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