Cold and flu symptoms can be prevented.
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I can’t remember the last time I had a cold or the flu. It must be more than ten years – most likely longer. Older people can expect an increase in cold/flu-like diseases. It is because their immune system declines naturally with age unless you do something proactively to maintain a highly effective immune system.

Flu vaccines are good against the strain they were designed for; however, they aren’t very good against other strains. Flu vaccines are based on what strains they think the coming flu season might contain. They can be right or wrong.

What can you do? You are as strong as your immune system. This is regardless of your age. You can have a weak immune system in your twenties or seventies. For the elderly, flu can be fatal with a compromised immune system.

Cistanche is a desert plant. Extracts from this plant stimulate the development of naїve T cells, increases the natural killer (NK)-cell activity, and reduces the number of memory T cells. These actions enhance and balance your immune system for better protection.

Reishi mushroom has many bioactive components. It is very potent against viral infections. It boosts hematopoietic stem cells and T cells. It also improves the function of innate immune cells.

Pu-erh tea extract augments immune balance by decreasing proinflammatory interleukin-6 (IL-6) and increasing natural killer (NK) cells and naїve cells.

We’ve know for a long time that vitamin C and vitamin D support a healthy immune system. Yet, most of us are deficient in one or both vitamins, especially during the winter months.

Throat soreness appears to be one of the first symptoms of a cold or flu. Most of us are unaware of throat probiotics. Salivarius K12 is a powerful throat probiotic that reduces the risk of throat infection. A single lozenge a day can be your savior during the winter months.

Enzymatically modified rice bran improves the function of natural killer (NK) cells helping to fight many viral diseases. Whey protein toughens our overall immune system by increasing white blood cells and other immune responsiveness factors. Lactoferrin excites macrophages which fight viral adhesion to our cell’s receptor sites.

These are just a few of the newer things that can help you build a stronger immune system and walk through the cold season without stopping to buy over the counter drugs to fight cold and flu-like symptoms. Build a strong immune system and you will be protected from many things.

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