Walls guard us from knowing the truth.
tpsdave / Pixabay – Walls guard us from knowing the truth.

Most of us remember that line from the movie, A Few Good Men. Lt. Weinberg was asking Colonel Jessup if he ordered the Code Red. After a bit of banter regarding answers versus truths, Colonel Jessep shouted, “You can’t handle the truth! “

He was referring to the things that go on in our world – a world in which the truth is hidden behind high walls and guarded by men with guns. However, in today’s society, we see similar parallels in our health care system.

First off, our health care system isn’t about health. If it were about health, we wouldn’t have as many unhealthy people. Our health system is about fixing health problems. We have an excellent corrective system for health issues. But, we have nearly a worthless system to prevent poor health.

And, the medical system is the only culprit. Our culture, our environment, has erected high walls to protect us from the truth. We are not aware of the truth and can’t take effective action to guard our health properly.

Look at our food industry. Why do our processed foods contain so many pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, carcinogens, artificial colors and flavors? Because we allow it. Not specifically ‘us’ per se, but the powers that protect us aren’t doing the job of protecting us effectively.

Compare food products in Europe to those in the United States and you’ll see certain chemical groups banned in Europe because they cause cancer. Yet, in the US, they are allowed. Follow the money (Another famous movie quote from Deep Throat).

Money drives industry. As long as we are kept ignorant of the truth, industry can capitalize on increasing their profits. It’s not only the food industry. The environment around us has many high walls guarded well to prevent us from knowing the truth.

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