People who learn from their mistakes live better lives.
geralt / Pixabay – People who learn from their mistakes live better lives.

We all make mistakes. Some of us learn from them and don’t repeat them too many times. As we get older, there are some mistakes that we can’t recover from easily – finances and health are two.

I believe that many people don’t think about their retirement health until they almost retire. Then, they live a lot longer than they thought they would. They outlive their financial and health reserves.

The risk of age-related diseases can be effectively addressed before you reach retirement age. I am assuming retirement age to be in the mid-60’s. The two primary causes of aging have been in control for many years by the time you reach the age of 60. You need to start earlier, even as early as your 20’s.

Can you make an appreciable change in your health after age 60? I believe so, but there are no guarantees. Why do people wait? Most people, I believe, don’t see the risk; and, they don’t know what preventive options are available.

We know some risks. Smoking causes an increased risk of disease. So does obesity. But, vitamin and mineral deficiencies cause many diseases also – and, they are not seen or felt in our everyday lives.

I have a simple mantra for good health. Balanced nutrition, caloric restriction, intermittent fasting, eating more alkaline than acidic foods, exercising, removing toxins from our lifestyle and daily stress relief. None of these are hard to do. Most of us don’t know much about any one of them.

Awareness is the first order of business for 2017 if you don’t have a retirement health goal. Become aware of what increases your risks for disease and don’t do those things. Become aware of what improves your health and do those things.

I adapted a two-sentence guide one of my mentors (Myron Golden) has used for decades regarding success. He says to find out what successful people do and do those things. Find out what failures do and don’t do those things. The simple, two-sentence approach, works for many aspects of our lives.

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