Are you a fanatic about football?
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I don’t watch much football these days. I gave up watching television news in the late 80’s. A few years later I became more selective in what sports events I watched. There are two different reasons. Television news, to me, is a collection of opinions about what the presenters think are important – not necessarily the news, the whole news and nothing but the news.

Sports competed for my time. When I had time, I would watch it. As time marched forward, I had less and less time to devote to all sports. Even my live attendance at games has diminished to almost nothing per year. Time is one of those commodities you can’t regain. If I were a football fanatic, I would give up more than several hours per week to watch those games. If I included other sports (baseball, basketball, etc.) I would have much, much less time.

I became an incremental fanatic about my entrepreneurial business – writing and speaking. I wrote my last book in 30 days – it contained 60,000 words. It took me months to edit it. There was a lot more time involved in that project that I ever thought I would spend. If I had been watching sports, the book would not have been written in one month and it would have taken over a year to edit it.

I am fanatic about my health and wellness. I read, research and digest many articles per week. I expect to live in excellent health for the remainder of my life, which I intend to me more than a couple of decades. I wake up each morning expecting another 35 years of life.

You don’t want to wait till that first heart attack (or announcement that you have cancer) to become a fanatic about your health. It is not the default condition that allows you the flexibility to do those things you truly want to do later in life when you have more time.

Become an incremental fanatic about your health today. Learn something new each day and make small changes that result in huge benefits down the road.

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