Are we all defining danger the same way?

Over 2,000 deaths have been recorded for the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines since the beginning of the year. Yet, every effort is being made to tell us that none of those deaths resulted from the vaccine. The coronavirus vaccines are 100% safe.

Today, we are being told that the J&J vaccine might be potentially dangerous without any deaths.

Potential Danger!!!! (Danger, Will Robinson!) Six people reported having blood clots from 6,800,000 doses administered in the United States. Are we overreacting? This equals 0.00000088% of those receiving the J&J vaccine. At what level does the term, potentially dangerous, apply? Maybe it should be classified as a rare side effect!

The CDC and FDA decided to halt the distribution of J&J vaccines in the United States until an investigation is done. How can a blood clot be a direct result of a vaccine when death cannot be attributable to one also?

Other Blood Clotting Vaccines? AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine was taken off the market in Europe and other countries for blood clots a month ago. It was recently permitted to be used again to protect people from coronavirus. More people are saved with the vaccine than are affected by blood clots.

The European Medicines Agency concluded that blood clots in people with low blood platelets are to be listed as a rare side effect of the AstraZeneca vaccine. The blood clots were observed in the brain (cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, CVST) and the abdomen (splanchnic vein thrombosis, SVT).

Is it possible that the vaccine causes an immune response that was never detected in clinical trials? Heparin is an anticoagulant. This drug has been used for nearly one hundred years. It took thirty years to determine that a rare side effect is a condition called heparin-induced thrombocytopenia, a condition that causes blood clots.
I suppose that heparin’s level of doses did not approach 0.00000088% when blood clotting was discovered.

Blood Clot Causes Thrombin is an enzyme that converts fibrinogen into fibrin. When that happens, blood clots form. So, what activates thrombin?

The immune system and coagulation (blood clotting) result from interleukin-1α (IL-1α) by thrombin. IL-1α is triggered by inflammation by the innate immune system.

Is it possible that the body’s immune response to the J&J (and AstraZeneca) vaccines could be an immune response? When people have low blood platelet counts, the immune response to the vaccine is different? It appears that the people getting blood clots are those with low platelet counts.

Platelets stop bleeding by forming blood clots. Leukemia and immune system dysfunction can cause thrombocytopenia, a condition that can induce internal bleeding. Some medicines can also cause this condition. Is it possible that the immune system is confused by a vaccine and creates a responsible situation for blood clots?


Are we overreacting? Probably! Is it possible that people with low platelet counts should not get the vaccine? Maybe? How many people with low platelet counts were enrolled in the clinical trials for coronavirus vaccines? Who knows?

Usually, your platelet count must be under 10,000 platelets per microliter before serious problems develop. The normal range for platelets is 150,000 to 450,000. I have been a blood platelet donor since the ‘80s. I am an advocate for blood donations and have donated over 36 gallons of blood products.

CVST cases amounted to 0.00000497%, and SVT were 0.00000156% of the 34,000,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Why are we concerned about a vaccine, with millions of doses dispensed, having a 0.00000088% of causing blood clots? Is it wise to stop using a vaccine treating a disease that kills up to 3% of people depending on age?

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