Protection comes in many forms. You want the kind that lasts!

The narrative today is to get vaccinated, then get your booster shot to be protected. What does that really mean? Is there something we do not know that we should?

Breakthrough Cases I Googled current covid breakthrough statistics. This is the first article that appeared – published four days ago. One would believe there is no problem with breakthrough cases – those fully vaccinated people who became infected.

The article states that as of December 28, 2021, the New York State Department of Health is aware of just under 450,000 laboratory-confirmed breakthrough cases of COVID-19 (fully vaccinated people). Just under a half-million people is a lot of people! However, it is only 3.4% of those fully vaccinated.

Additionally, there were just over 16,000 breakthrough COVID-19 hospitalizations in New York State – just over a tenth of a percent of the fully vaccinated. That sounds like absolute protection from the pandemic virus, eh? They are averaging the recent spike in breakthrough infections with the historical data from months ago – not focusing on what is happening this month!

Six or seven months after getting the two vaccine shots, the vaccine’s effectiveness to protect people from becoming infected drops below 50%. You are a ‘coin-flip’ with unvaccinated people. You can catch the virus nearly as quickly as any unvaccinated person.

But the health authorities tell us that even though the vaccine loses potency to protect against infection, you will still be fully protected against severe symptoms, hospitalization, and death. Are you?

Scotland & COVID-19 The early November report from Public Health Scotland reported that 77% of the hospitalizations in the previous month were from vaccinated people (fully or partially vaccinated). The big news not seen anywhere else is that 88% of those who died were vaccinated.

The trend is continuing to escalate. The month of October saw 64% of new cases from vaccinated people. I delved a bit deeper into the October data regarding breakthrough deaths from COVID-19, looking specifically at those fully vaccinated people. Only 12 people (2.6% of the partially or fully vaccinated people) died during the last week of September 2021 through the third week of October 2021.

The last week of September showed 81% of the fully vaccinated people died from COVID-19. The following week had 82 succumbed to the virus. The second week of October 2021 had almost 88% die from coronavirus. The third week of October 2021 showed 93% of the fully vaccinated die from COVID-19.

Why are fully vaccinated people dying from the pandemic virus? I wish I could tell you. The unvaccinated averaged 71.5 years of age. The fully vaccinated averaged 77.5 years of age. Is that a significant difference? I do not think so. According to all the data published by CDC and the WHO, the slightly younger (six years) should have been at more risk.


Are vaccines more protective in New York State than Scotland? I do not know. Scotland reports that nearly 85% over the age of 16 are fully vaccinated, with 95% of those over 40.

Virtually everyone over the age of 60 has had both vaccine shots. Over half the fully vaccinated have had the AstraZeneca vaccine, with almost 50% having the Pfizer series. Moderna accounts for less than 5% of the vaccination program in Scotland.

Why is the vaccination program not working in Scotland as well as it works in New York State? Ask the epidemiology experts because I do not know.

Live Longer & Enjoy Life! – Red O’Laughlin –


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  1. Red – Thanks for the ‘deep dive’ and rational interpretation. Thanks for giving us “The rest of the story”

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