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There are several causes of Alzheimer’s disease. The brain undergoes structural change as Alzheimer’s disease develops. Beta-amyloid proteins begin to accumulate. Damaged tau proteins amass. This situation contributes to neurofibrillary tangles developing in the brain. That, in turn, leads to brain shrinkage and cell death. Brain cell death precedes what we see as Alzheimer’s disease.

Seems straight forward. Doctors tell us that we have no medicine to cure this cascade of events. Yet, why do some people get Alzheimer’s and others do not? Is there something that can prevent the end conditions from happening?

Recent studies indicate a novel approach to preventing Alzheimer’s. Microdose lithium and colostrum-derived proline-rich polypeptides might be the answer.

Lithium inhibits the enzyme, GSK-3. Glycogen synthase kinase-3 is associated with many health disorders. Accelerated aging, type II diabetes, Alzheimer’s, degenerative joint disease, and heart dysfunction are just a few of the total.

Proline-rich polypeptides (PRP) changes gene expression (like turning on and off a light switch). PRP alters the gene expression of both the beta-amyloid and tau proteins. Lithium and PRP support the prevention of the conditions in which Alzheimer’s develops.

Structural brain changes progress rapidly as GSK-3 levels increase. Lithium has been used as a psychoactive drug for years. It is important for brain health. Mental health studies correlate low levels of lithium in the brain with mental problems, including suicide and homicide. Low-dose lithium, much lower (a thousand times lower) than normally prescribed for mental health problems, prevents the GSK-3 from growing uncontrolled.

One fifteen-month study showed that low-dose (300 mcg/day) was able to halt the progression of dementia with no side effects. Many of our water purification plants remove lithium and other trace elements. Another study tested patients with Alzheimer’s disease and noted no further cognitive decline with those patients taking low-dose lithium compared to the placebo group after 90 days.

Two human studies using PRP demonstrated improved mental scores with Alzheimer’s patients – 54% in one case and 46% in another. Those patients at the early-onset stage showed the most remarkable results.

I believe we have options. I’ve mentioned EGCG (a catechin in green tea), phosphatidylserine, and strength-training exercises having positive effects on the stabilization, prevention, and reversal of typical aging brain diseases.

As we age, certain healthy functions in our bodies decline. Others unhealthy functions increase, many as a response to those earlier declines. Don’t rely on a pill to be your lifeline to longevity and great health. As an advocate for balanced nutrition, lithium is found in many fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy. Colostrum is found in mother’s milk. There are no foods to obtain this product. PRP must be purchased as a supplement.

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