Is there anything more irritating than itchy, watery eyes?

I had a conversation today with a friend. The topic of allergies arose. I related a personal experience I had that eliminated an allergy that had plagued me for several years.

Allergy Definition An allergy is the body’s response to a substance. Pollen, food, fur, dust, and more are allergens that can cause our immune system to respond.

Allergy Season’s%20tree%20pollen%20allergy%20season,start%20to%20appear%20in%20September. I live in the Houston area, and a local newspaper article from a year ago tells the world that we have the highest pollen counts in the nation. The high pollen count is not something to brag about, but it is life.

From now through Income Tax Day, we can expect to see yellow dust settling on anything outdoors. It is apparent when looking at the hood of my car. The color changes from silver to yellow during the first couple of months of each year. The color and the amount of pollen are different during the summer with other pollen generators.

Allergy Symptoms Allergies or what your doctor calls allergic rhinitis exhibit the following symptoms – watery or itchy eyes, runny nose, nasal decongestion, and sneezing. The symptoms are not the same as coronavirus, which has a fever, cough, body aches, sore throat, and shortness of breath.

Allergy Treatments Most people self-medicate at home with over-the-counter drugs. Antihistamines treat sneezing, itching, watery eyes, and runny noses. Decongestants reduce nasal stuffiness. Some people use nasal sprays. Most people combine as many things that work as they can find.

A few people rely on home remedies that might include various herbal teas, gargling with warm salt water, and using Neti pots to flush their nasal cavities with a saline solution.

My Simple Option Many years ago, I lived in New Orleans. After a couple of years, I noticed that I had many of the cold symptoms. I took over the counter medicines and was rapidly approaching Zombie status after two weeks. I visited my doctor to get something more potent.

I got through that season, and everything was great. The next year, I found myself rowing the same boat with the same symptoms and treatments. Again, I gave it my best shot and ended up seeking help at the doctor’s office.

The next year found myself sitting in his office again, trying to get relief from the allergy symptoms that I could not control without prescriptions. I looked at my file and noticed that I was in his office on the same day as the previous year and within a week of that date from two years earlier.

I asked him if I could have an allergy. He looked at the dates and told me that I was allergic to something that bloomed this time each year. It made me miserable for about a month, and then everything was fine.

On one of my business trips, I had read an article about treating allergies with fresh frozen bee pollen from bees in my local area. I filed that information away, and after leaving my doctor’s office, I asked around where I could find some fresh frozen bee pollen. Two people recommended a specific place not far from my home.

I bought fresh frozen bee pollen and took one-eighth of a teaspoon every morning religiously for the next year. When allergy season arrived, I had zero, zip, nada symptoms.

In low dosage, the bee pollen allowed my body to develop an immunity to the pollen that plagued me each of the three previous years. I continued taking the fresh frozen bee pollen for another year and never looked back. Fresh frozen bee pollen is not a treatment that most of us hear about, but it worked for me. Will it work for you? I cannot promise that. Talk to your doctor before beginning any new regimen, especially if you are already on prescription medicines. Safety is paramount for your health.

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