We still don’t know whether Sweden’s no-quarantine experiment worked!

Sweden took a different tack with mandatory quarantine for COVID-19. As such, they were the exception in Europe. The population of Sweden is a bit over 10 million people. Time will tell whether herd immunity is working better in Sweden than the rest of Europe.

The total number of COVID-19 confirmed cases is slightly over 37,000. 4,395 deaths have been recorded from the coronavirus. A few less than 5,000 are considered fully recovered. The current number of COVID-19 confirmed cases is a little less than 28,000 with 99% listed as mild or less, and 1% reported as serious or critical.

Sweden allowed herd immunity to develop naturally. Their statistics do not align with other European countries regarding new cases and daily deaths. The last two months have shown a static level of new confirmed cases of COVID-19 fluctuating between 250-750/day on the average. Testing is greater than 10,000/day.

Daily deaths show a gradual decline over the past two months going from averaging around 150/day to an average of 90/day. Projections for the next two months show daily deaths to fall from an average of 44/day (today) to an average of 1/day (August 1st). Total deaths are estimated to top out around 5250 the first week in August.

Hospital beds available remain high at just over 7,000. Slightly over 1,300 are needed. ICU beds are currently at 692 with a need of 412 daily. August projections show that needed hospital beds at 22/day and ICU beds at 8/day.

It is still too soon to make a definitive statement that the decision to not quarantine the population was a good or bad idea. Regardless, it happened, and statistics will tell the difference down the road.

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