Pain relievers can have some serious side effects.

There are many negative side effects of pain medicines. Overdose can lead to death. Addiction is terrible on many levels. Drowsiness, nausea and more are common to many pain killers.

What about attacking pain from a natural perspective rather than from opioid-derived options?

Pain Receptors Our bodies have receptors in the brain that moderate pain. The mu-opioid receptor is the natural path for pain relief. Our bodies produce endorphins and enkephalins to mitigate pain. However, when drugs are introduced to reduce pain, they bind to the mu-opioid receptor and several problems arise.

Our bodies make endogenous opioids that bind to the mu-opioid receptor and pain is reduced naturally. Endogenous opioids act quickly and dissipate. Sometimes, they are not strong enough to address the pain we feel. Other, stronger drugs are needed.

Opioid drugs are many times more powerful than the natural endogenous opioids our bodies make. They attach to the mu-opioid receptor, overpower the pain response, and do not leave.

Enhancing the Body’s Response What if the body’s natural opioid pain relievers could be enhanced to be as powerful as prescription opioid drugs, but not have the side effects?

Scientists focused on positive allosteric modulators. They discovered that these modulators enhance the body’s natural endorphins and enkephalins. The benefit is parity with existing opioid drugs without the side effects.

BMS-986122 In a recent publication in the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences, a positive allosteric modulator, BMS-986122, boosted the body’s natural enkephalins potency to relieve pain.

Positive allosteric modulators do not bind to the mu-opioid receptor allowing natural pain relievers, endorphins and enkephalins, to bind to the mu-opioid receptor when pain relief is needed. The positive allosteric modulators bind to receptors nearby and are activated when endorphins and enkephalins are present.

There is no mu-opioid receptor domination by opioid drugs, therefore no common side effects from prescription drugs. The only side effect noticed from the study was constipation. Addiction, depression, and other related opioid drug side effects are reduced or eliminated.


Will this natural option counter the current world of pain relievers? Probably not. Many people with pain problems do not need fentanyl, oxycodone, morphine, and others. The level of pain control with positive allosteric modulators may open the door for far fewer prescriptions of heavier-duty drugs.

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