Israel is now requiring digital recovery certificates from travelers.

Israel instituted a new requirement for those travelers who survived the pandemic virus over six months ago. A digital recovery certificate is now required for Israeli citizens and those of fourteen other countries. Digital recovery certificates are not available to United States travelers.

Digital Recover Certificate The paper vaccination certificates issued by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are accepted. However, that vaccination certificate must be valid for the previous six months. Travelers who survived the virus must enter within six months or have one pandemic immunization shot when outside the six-month window.

The European Union has nearly forty countries participating in the digital recovery program. Tourism has been hit extremely hard since the pandemic started last year.


Some tourists forged PCR test results to circumvent COVID-19 restrictions for travel. For example, travelers returning from Rosh Hashanah in Oman tested positive for coronavirus even when they had negative test results before boarding their flights.


Six months was mentioned a few times in the articles I researched. However, Israel has recognized that the COVID-19 vaccines are no longer effective in preventing infection after six months. Therefore, I find their concern for survivors of the pandemic virus a bit overblown.

I have seen no studies with survivors contracting the disease a second time except in rare cases. I read a while back about young Marines in boot camp becoming reinfected within their training regimen. Stress prevents the body from full recovery. Could the stress of boot camp yield a temporary recovery and continued stress to reactivate the virus?

When a person encounters a foreign agent in their body (i.e., SARS-CoV-2 virus), their immune system responds. Part of the response is to form memory cells to remember this invader in case it returns again. When that happens, the response will be faster and may prevent disease progression.

The initial invasion of viruses, bacteria, and fungi has an advantage because there is no early warning system. Once the foreign invader has gained a foothold in the body, the delay in getting troops to the battlefield allows the disease to progress – sometimes to death.

When a person is vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine, there is no live virus for the body’s immune system to recognize. The spike of coronavirus inserts itself into the ACE2 receptor cells in many places in the body. That spike has over 1,300 amino acids arranged in a specific order.

When a person contracts COVID-19, the body sees the entire virus and will develop an image of the whole spike profile. The mRNA vaccines create a snippet of the thousand-plus amino acid chain, hoping that the virus does not mutate enough to fool the vaccinated immune system.

The survivor of the pandemic virus is better protected than a vaccinated person because their immune system can accommodate a greater range of identification when mutations occur – which happens many more times than most people realize. Vaccinated people can hope that the slice of the spike profile it was designed to recognize is close enough to trigger an immune response immediately.

Why Israel chooses to require more of the survivor than the recently vaccinated is a mystery. However, they are treating the groups the same – have a vaccination within six months. The mRNA vaccine’s ability to prevent coronavirus infection after six months is failing. This appears to be a rational approach to reducing the spread of the pandemic.

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