Time formally spent commuting can be wisely used.

Are you spending your time wisely under voluntary quarantine? I don’t ask that question lightly. There is a portion of us who are working from home because of the coronavirus. We may have to be in ‘working mode’ from 8 to 5 or whatever business hours are. We now have the time that used to be used up with commuting that is no longer wasted traveling to and from work. What are you doing to improve your life during your former commute?

About a year before Halliburton determined that it was time for me to be retired from the workforce, I had gone to a weekend event for my wife’s multi-level marketing (MLM) business. What I learned that one Saturday changed my life forever, literally!

All the training I had up to that weekend had been to make me a better person, a better supervisor, a better planner, a better forecaster, a better manager, a better budgeter, etc. It was to improve my abilities to improve the company I was working for at the time. Sometimes it helps in your private life, but it mostly helps the company you are working for.

That Saturday I was exposed to personal self-improvement with Myron Golden and Jeffery Combs. Each had four hours of my time that day. I had never been exposed to the world of self-motivation, mindset development, prosperity consciousness, personal finance, financial literacy, and more. These topics had never been made available to me to help myself before.

This Saturday was probably in November of that year. A couple of months later, an event in Dallas called, More Heart Than Talent, was held and I attended. I met many people and leaders of the personal self-improvement world. I even got to co-author a book with Jim Rohn and Mark Victor Hansen a year later based on the events of that weekend.

The major change in my life was that I was learning how to improve my life. Something that was timely since I didn’t know within a year, I would no longer be working for anyone other than myself. How many of us have been trained by the companies we have worked for over our careers? Many of us. How many of those skills learned for your work world automatically transfer to the entrepreneurial world? I’ll tell you right now that not many of them.

I am not advocating that the current workforce stop doing what they are doing and become entrepreneurs. No, not at all! However, the ability to start a baseline of where you are and where you want to go in your lives is now at your doorstep.

The extra hour or more days can be spent in many ways. It can be spent doing what you do for your company. It can be spent on those ‘honey-do’ things around the house. It can be spent sleeping or enjoying life – as best you can from home. It can be spent watching television. The choice is yours. What if no one ever suggested taking that time, thirty minutes or more daily, and investing that time into your future – the future you?

I never really thought I would be an author of several books. I wanted credibility and becoming an author was a quick ticket to that stage. I wrote a couple of books on self-improvement and was fortunate to speak at my mentor’s stages around the country and sell my books and CDs at the back of the room. A few years later I found that my real passion in life is to help people in the area of health and wellness.

I research the human body, at the cellular level, to determine the cause and effect relationships (chemically speaking). If you treat a symptom, you will always treat a symptom. You must treat the cause of a problem to fix it. Our healthcare industry treats symptoms, not causes. I take the complicated chemical relationships and convert them to easy-to-read passages that the common person can easily understand. I have been writing and speaking in that arena for the past several years.

This path was opened to me by the exposure to investing my time into myself. I read a book a week for over three and a half years on various aspects of self-improvement, motivation, and many other topics. I became addicted to self-improvement. I have since become addicted to longevity and have written a couple of books in that area.

In this coronavirus world, the elderly are the primary targets. They are the ones on the front lines passing away daily. I ask myself, “Why?” often. If we don’t know what causes us to age and we are making bad decisions because we don’t know, then why don’t we know? Why isn’t our healthcare system helping us to improve and live healthy, long-lasting lives free of age-related disease?
Now is the time to take advantage of those things you don’t know. We all know that there are things we don’t know. Why not expose yourself to a few of those during your daily commute? Why not figure out what your real purpose in life is? Why not be the healthiest person in any room you walk into regardless of your age?

These things are not difficult, just never made visible to us before. I am opening the curtain so that you can see behind it and know that there is no magic wizard controlling your life till your retirement. You can be that magic wizard.

Live Longer & Enjoy Life! – Red O’Laughlin

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